Wolfson  Campus

CHM 1025

Chemistry Department
  Introduction to Chemistry
Course Information  
  Atoms, Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
  Balancing Chemical Equations
  Calculator and Phone Regulations
  Chapter 1 Assessment Worksheet
  Chapter 1 Introduction to Chemistry: Solving Problems
  Chapter 2 Data Analysis
  Chapter 3 Matter
  Chapter 4  The Structure of the Atom
  Chapter 5  Electrons in Atoms
  Chapter 6 Periodic Table
  Chapter 7 The Elements
  Chapter 8 Ionic Compounds
  Chapter 10  Chemical Reactions
  Chapter 12 Stoichiometry
  Chapter 13 States of Matter
  Molecular Formula and Empirical Formula
  Nomenclature Worksheet
  Periodic Table
  On-Line Power Point Presentations
  Activity Series in Aqueous Reactions
  Activity Series in Aqueous Reactions On-Line Exercise
  Aqueous Reactions
  Atoms, Elements, Molecules, and Compounds
  Atomic Theory
  Chemical Bonds, Valence Electrons, Octet Rule
  Electrolytes, Solubility Rules, Dissociation Reactions
  How to Draw Lewis Dot Structure For Covalent Compounds
  Lewis Structure Representation
  Math Skills
  Nomenclature Rules
  Oxidation Numbers and  Redox Reactions
  Periodic Table
  Quantun-Mechanical Orbitals
  Scientific Notation
  Scientific Method
  Predicting Bond Polarity
  Scientific Notation Part 1
  Scientific Notation Part 2
  Scientific Method
  Solutions and Aqueous Reactions
  Solubility Rules
  VSEPR Model
  VSEPR Mode Representation
  Course Competencies
  Reviews for Exams One to Four
  Review for Exam One
  Review for Exam Two
  Review for Exam Three
  Review for Exam Four
  Final Exam Review