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Career Summary:


Experienced in product development of multilayer BOPP films, heat shrinkable monolayer and multilayer PVDC films; monolayer and multilayer blown polyolefin films.  Accomplished in strategy formulations, additives cost reduction, alternate raw materials and suppliers, and global technology transfer.  Lead highly motivated, results oriented laboratory team. Experience in raw materials, formulations, and QC analysis for medical applications. 


Professional Objective


To enhance a company’s competitive edge in polymer applications by utilizing and enhancing my broad experience in polymer research, product development and global technical support.

As a teacher, my goal is to provide meaningful achievement of academic by enabling the students to become confident, self-directed, and responsible life learners.  This is possible by engaging them in the learning process and commitment to continuous improvement.


Key Words: Product Development, BOPP Films, Polyolefin, PVC, PVDC, Extrusion, Blown and Biaxially oriented Films, Manager.


Professional Experience


2007 – Present             Materials Testing and Evaluation, MDCPS


Chemical analysis evaluation of all materials purchased by MDCPS to ensure they are in compliance with MDCPS regulations.


2006 – Present             Chemistry Instructor, MDC

                                    Physics Instructor, MIU


Adjunct of Physic at Miami International University of Arts and Design (SC 2206), and Adjunct of Chemistry at Wolfson and Kendall MDC (CHM 1025, 1033L, 1045L, 1046L, and 2210L). 




2005 – 2007                Earth and Physical Science Teacher, HML


Taught Earth and Physical Science at Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High.  Tutored K-6 students in Reading, Writing, and Math through Club Z.   


2001 – 2005                Research Scientist, AET


Development of high shrink BOPP films for the label market, Synthetic paper for the thermal transfer market, and Squeezable films for labels.  Development of specialty films through extrusion coating using nylon (PA6 and PA6/6), polyesters (PET), polystyrene (PS), and liquid crystal polymers (LCP) for improved barrier properties, cycloolefins (COC) for embossing films, PE and Surlyn as sealing layers for caking applications, and EVA resins for lamination to paper.  Development of microporous films, using organic voiding agents, for the health care industry.     


2000 – 2001                Product Development Engineer, QPF


Development of BOPP films (Walothen technology) with improved bond adhesion for Industrial and Graphic Arts applications.  Participated in the Raw Materials Selection Committee charged to determine the best approach to produce films with better physical properties at reduced cost.


1991 - 2000                 Senior Research Chemist, Viskase Corporation


Managed the R&D laboratory, which involved overseeing three technicians who provided services to the R&D group, the Sales and Marketing groups, and to our plants, and conducted the analysis of competitive films.  Provided technical assistance to our worldwide plants. Evaluated the use of oxygen scavengers and antibacterial materials to extend food shelf life in packaged products. Supported the Regulatory Group in their requests for worldwide approval of our films in the packaging of meat and poultry products. 

Kept and updated the Production and Product Standards.  As Chemical Hygiene Officer and Safety Coordinator was in charge of overseeing that raw materials used in our films production were in compliance with FDA regulations and their safety use worldwide.  Familiar with GMP process since our plants were in compliance with the ISO 2000 procedures. 

Coordinated with Solvay (France) and Dow (US) the transfer of our PVDC blending technology.  Conducted extensive work with oversea companies to develop raw materials (resins and additives) for the films fabrication.  Extensive work to mask the yellowing of PVDC films due to resin degradation resulting in significant sales increase and improved company films acceptance.  Conducted rheology studies to correlate the film sealing strength with the extent of crosslinking.  Evaluated alternate materials in film formulations to produce films with improved quality at reduced price.




- MDO High Shrink films for the label market.

-ROI Ultra High Barrier Metallized films for food packaging.

-ROI Squeezable Films (Low Tensile / High Elongation): Clear, Matte, and Opaque films for the label market.

- US Patent No. 5,614,297: Polyolefin over wrap stretch film to replace PVC films has granted counterparts in Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Germany, UK, and counterpart cases pending in the European Patent Office and seven other countries.

- Commercialized highly permeable monolayer blown films for the produce market.

- Drove global development of alternate EVA and PE resins with suppliers in the U.S., Canada, and Brazil resulting in significant cost savings.

- Gained significant improvements in color stability and reduction in off-odor and taste in multilayer biaxially oriented Saran barrier films that resulted in increased market share.

- Obtained significant cost savings by implementing a fully formulated PVDC blend, and by reformulating the additives used in production of multilayer films.

- Extensive overseas experience working on technology transfer and customer’s issues.

- Developed films with higher shrink and puncture resistant for the red meat and poultry markets that resulted in increased market share in Canada.

- Developed multilayer blown Colostomy and Diapergenie films.


1989 - 1991                 Research Assistant

College of William and Mary - Williamsburg, Virginia


Established the microstructure of PVC resins prepared in the presence of THF.  Determined the role of N-substituted maleimides on the chemical stabilization of PVC using C-13 NMR spectroscopy.


1987 - 1988                 Research Assistant Technician

Occupational Health Research Institute (I.R.S.S.T.) - Montreal, Quebec


Established the permeability rate of organic solvents in protective gloves for national application, and made recommendations for the safe use.


1974 - 1981                 Research Chemist/Department Co-Administrator

Food Industry Research Institute, Havana, Cuba


Drove studies of metal contamination of can preserved foods using atomic absorption spectroscopy.  Implemented rheology techniques to optimize parameters in production of fruit pulp, developed and validated colorimetric techniques to measure metals in edible oils and fats. 


1981 – 1982                Cuban Paper Factory

                                    Havana, Cuba


Worked in the water plant treatment, and as QC technician controlling the QC properties of raw materials and finished products (paper and cardboards) produced by the plant.


1971-1973                   Sugar Cane Research Institute

                                    Havana, Cuba


Conducted rheology studies in molasses, and developed a viscosimeter for use in QC at the factory level.





1969 – 1971                Cuban Drugs Laboratory Technician

Havana, Cuba.


Reviewed raw materials specifications and its compliance; supervised production process, and QC inspection and conducted analysis of raw materials and final products. Familiar with FDA regulations.




1985 - 1989                 Ph.D. in Polymers Chemistry, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec


Established the role of tacticity and defect sites on the thermal stability of PVC and chemically modified PVC using C13-NMR, H-NMR, FT-IR, GPC, and DSC techniques.  Teaching Assistant for the General Chemistry course for two years.  P/T Spanish teacher for two years at Langues Production and Services school.


1983 - 1985                 M.Sc. in  Polymers Chemistry, Laval University, Quebec, Quebec


Established the orientation of the silane molecules at the surface of Silane-Treated Mica using inverse gas chromatography. Teaching Assistant for the General Chemistry course during one year.


1969 - 1973                 B.Sc. in General Chemistry, University of Havana, Havana, Cuba


Graduated in top one percent of class.  While attending school, also worked at the Sugar Cane Research Institute. 


Languages:     English, French and Spanish.


Publications:   Listing available upon request.


References:    Available upon request.