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Carlos Gil-Vital

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Department of Mathematics







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Carlos Gil-Vital
Professor of Mathematics
Telephone: 305-237-8135

Miami Dade College North Campus
11380 N.W. 27th Avenue, Room 7331
Miami, FL 33167






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MAC 2313

MAC 2312

Calculus & Analytic Geometry 3

Calculus & Analytic Geometry 2 

MAC 2311

MAP 2302

MAC 2233
MAC 1147
MAC 1140

Calculus & Analytic Geometry 1

Differential Equations

Calculus for Business
Pre-Calculus Integrated Algebra & Trigonometry
Pre-Calculus Algebra

MAC 1114

MAC 1105

MAS 2103

MAT 1033
MGF 1106

MGF 1107

STA 2023

STA 3123


College Algebra

Linear Algebra

Intermediate Algebra

Mathematics for the Liberal Arts 1

Mathematics for the Liberal Arts 2

Statistical Methods

Statistical Methods II




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OFFICE HOURS                                 FALL  2016                 


7:00AM-8:00AM;  09:00AM–10:00AM;  12:00PM–1:45PM


6:30AM-7:00AM;  12:40PM-2:10PM


7:00AM-8:00AM;  09:00AM–10:00AM


6:30AM-7:00AM;  12:40PM-2:10PM


7:00AM-8:00AM;  09:00AM–10:00AM;  12:00PM–1:45PM







Description: Description: campusEDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND



University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, U.S.
M.S. Mathematics (June 2001) plus Ph.D. two-year course work in Applied Mathematics;
B.S. Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, Double Major (June 1993)

Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus, Miami, FL, U.S.
A.A. Electrical Engineering (July 1983)

Instituto Tecnico Electronico del Atlantico, Barranquilla, Colombia

Electronics Technician (December, 1980)






Description: Description: E:\WebPageTemplate\images\philosophy.gifEDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY



I believe that everyone can learn mathematics if they are taught properly, have the appropriate background, and have the willingness to learn.  Once the correct ingredients are combined, teaching becomes a promise between the teacher and the student.  The teacher promises to teach and the student promises to learn. In many cases, the possibility exists that there are no bad students, but bad teachers.  It is possible, though, to sometimes find a bad student instead of a bad teacher.  However, with good or bad students, part of the job of the teacher is to create the appropriate atmosphere to motivate students and inflict in them the interest necessary to begin the learning process.  It is the job of the teacher to effectively awaken the student’s interest in any particular topic.  The teacher must be able to convince the student of the crucial importance of the topic to be learned.  One way to successfully accomplish this is by taking an event or a situation from the real world that we live in and make the connection between what we are about to learn in theory and the way the theory is applied in the real world.  My view is that a good teacher must be creative, knowledgeable, patient, respectful, willing to teach, and appropriately prepared to teach a lesson.  I believe that I have the mentioned six qualities.  A good student must be willing to learn, put the necessary amount of practice time, effort, and dedication that the learning process requires.  Teaching is one of my passions.  My goal as a mathematics teacher is to transfer successfully, positively, and with excruciating details to my students the knowledge that I have accumulated in mathematics, so that the students acquire a complete understanding of mathematics and learn to appreciate mathematics as the discipline that helps tremendously in the design and implementation of new technology and other great innovations that bring to us much of the fabulous comforts that we enjoy today, such as cellular phones, cable TV, satellite communication, air conditioning, airplane traveling, …, an endless list, plus the innovations of the future that have not been implemented yet and/or no one has thought about yet.  It is my goal also to help students acquire the mathematics skills that they need to be successful in future mathematics courses, or in future courses that require an adequate mathematics background.  Mathematics skills are also necessary in many situations of everyday life.  I wish I could just “download” my knowledge to all students.  Have the students somehow hook up to my brain, access my brain mathematics files, and download everything they need.  Wouldn’t that be great?






Description: Description: buildingCURRENT PROJECTS



At the moment I find myself immersed in the project of finding and taking command of the greatest ship in the whole Universe.






Description: Description: glassesINTERESTS



I enjoy dancing and listening to music, especially salsa, merengue, cumbia, vallenatos, oldies, baladas, country music, disco, rock’n roll.  I write poems, read books about almost any topic.  I love different types of movies (mystery, thrill, action, suspense, romance, comedy, mafia, science fiction, but no horror/no terror).  I love old movies like Casa Blanca or Clint Eastwood's movies.  I enjoy watching re-runs of Star Trek TV episodes or big-screen movies, Star Wars, Rambo, The Godfather, Good Fellas, and the like.  I love The Sopranos, The Tonight Show (now with Conan Obrian), The Jay Leno Show, Law and Order, CSI.  I believe in mental powers (ESP), remote influencing (RI), remote viewing (RV), astral projections, apparitions, and the like.






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