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Chris Migliaccio

Miami Dade College / Wolfson Campus
Department of Natural Sciences, Health & Wellness
Professor of Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Louis Wolfson III Endowed Teaching Chair (2001-2004)

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My Historical Niche

Born in New Rochelle, NY to County Commissioner / lawyer father (WWII veteran of the 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion) & homemaker mother; paternal grandparents were Southern Italian immigrants (Ellis Island, NY ~1904), maternal great-great grandparents were immigrants of Scottish-Irish descent (~1840, Irish potato famine refugees?); my great grandfather and my namesake, Christopher Reynolds, served in the Union Army during the Civil War as a Lieutenant with the 11th New York Regiment of Ellsworth's Fire Zouaves - a unit that saw some of the first battles of the war including Bull Run and Manassas; coldweather refugee and resident of Miami-Dade County since 1970; living with my family and other animals in a lush tropical garden home; avid tropical ecotraveler and photographer (Costa Rica, Ecuador & Kenya); horticultural and in-service teaching training instructor for Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden; member of the MDC / Wolfson Campus community since 1987.

Personal Interests

Costa Rica -
"No Artificial Ingredients"

Classic Rock Music

  • particularly

Nature & travel photography

Ecology & horticulture of palms

World Beat Music

Exploring the Everglades

Science Fiction

Favorite Sides
  • Gary Larsen's "The Far Side" cartoons (R.I.P.)
  • Nathan's Famous French Fries (since 1916)
  • homemade hummus and fresh pita bread with just a dash of extra virgin Italian olive oil flavored with hot pepper
  • View From the Vault IV - The Grateful Dead live at the Oakland Stadium, 7/24/87; CD2: Hell in a Bucket - Scarlet Begonias - Playing in the Band - Drums - Space - Uncle John's Band - Dear Mr. Fantasy - I Need A Miracle - Bertha - Sugar Magnolia

What in the World I'm Listening to These Days...
Midnight Oil "20,000 Watts RSL / DVD" (Australia)
Rush "Rush in Rio / DVD" (classic rock)
Laura Pausini "Live 2001-2002 / DVD" (Italy)
Dream Theater "Live at Budokan / DVD " (heavy metal)
The Who "Who's Next? Deluxe Edition" (classic rock)
Sinead O'Connor "Sean-Nos Nua" (Ireland)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse "Rust Never Sleeps / DVD" (classic rock)
Polo Montanez "Guajiro Natural" (Cuba)
Bob Dylan "The Bootleg Series - Vol. IV 1966" (classic rock)
Pink Floyd "Pulse / DVD Live at Earl's Court, UK" (classic rock)
The Corrs "Live at Landsdowne / DVD" (Ireland)
The Grateful Dead "Stepping Out With The Grateful Dead - Live in England 1972 " (classic rock)

"Just remember what the dormouse said: Feed your head; feed your head"
- from White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

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Spending Time With Nature in South Florida

Check out this directory of natural areas to visit in our bioregion

Red Cross

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