Dr. Christine Robinson

English Department/Humanities Division

I teach the first and second credit English courses using a multimedia approach and including research from the Internet.

Office: Rm 2217

E Mail: crobinso@mdcc.edu

Faculty Name: Dr. Christine Robinson
Office: Rm. 2217

Kendall Campus
Miami-Dade Community College




ENC 1101
ENC 1102



Ed. D., Florida Atlantic University, 1976;
Ed. S., Florida Atlantic University, 1975;
M. A., University of Miami, 1972;
B. A., Florida Atlantic University, 1970;
A. A., Miami-Dade Community College, 1968.


Say It With Style (including "Reading, Writing and Research")
This text is a rhetoric concerned with improving literary style by adding figurative language to students' works. It deals with the linguistic richness that is possible when language moves out of the literal sphere to include metaphors, similes, personification, alliteration, and a whole host of other techniques. Each technique is defined and examples are given. Then the illustrations show each technique as though it were part of an ad. The illustrations and copy are both drawn and written by this author.

"Reading, Writing and Research"
This is book II of Say It With Style. It is a a step-by-step guide to using the resources of the Kendall Campus library to do the required library research in ENC 1101 and to produce the required research paper in ENC 1102.

"Internet for Free"
This text is a tutorial about the SEFLIN Free-Net. SEFLIN is the South
East Florida Library Information Network which is a network of cooperating libraries that circulate their collections via shuttle bus. SEFLIN libraries include  all of the major public and private libraries from Palm Beach to the Keys. Miami-Dade is a founding member of SEFLIN.

The Collegiate Reader

This text is a collection of sample five paragraph essays in different forms of discourse (expository, argumentative, descriptive, narrative). This book shows concrete examples of the "composition sandwich" model of essay development that is illustrated in  Say It With Style.

Good Grief Grammar!
This text is a grammar tutorial for those students whose sentence structure is faulty. It is used by students on a referral basis only, as a refresher of basic English grammar. The dominant metaphor of the book is that the English sentence is like the body of a dog: the head (subject) and the body (predicate) of the dog are essential while the modifiers (tail) are optional.

Power Paragraphs
This is a text that explains the classic CLAST-type five paragraph essay using the analogy that an essay is like a sandwich: the "bread" is the main idea which appears at the top and bottom; the "meat" of the essay is the topic sentences that are "sandwiched" in to support the thesis. All elements are held together by the "condiments" which are the transitional devices. Thus, though there can be many types of sandwiches, they are all made the same way.


My personal hobbies include computer graphics of all types. I particularly like fractal graphics in logo which I print on a plotter.


I am very active in teaching about the Internet to students, faculty and members of the community.


On-Line Writing Center at Purdue University

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