ENC1102 First-year Composition


                                       Reading Responses

Department of English


Answer each of the reading responses in one paragraph minimum (five complete sentences). Make sure you make specific reference to the reading to answer the question. Each response is graded on a scale of 1-5 as follows:




Directly answers the question (specific examples from the text)


Well-developed (five complete sentences)


Well-organized (topic and supporting sentences)


Well-formed sentences (sentence structure)


Grammatically correct (includes mechanics)



  Reading Responses  



Chapters 1-6

After the convict is caught, what does he say to protect Pip? How does Pip feel about his actions toward the convict? What do these feelings tell you about Pip?

R 2

Chapters 7-12

Why is Pip sent to the home of Miss Havisham? How does Pip feel after he leaves, and why does he decide to lie about his experiences there?

R 3

Chapters 13-19

Why does Miss Havishan command Joe and Pip to meet with her? What does Pip’s attitude toward her offer reveal about his changing sense of values?

R 4

Chapters 20-25

Briefly describe the incident that caused Miss Havisham to stop her clocks and become a recluse. What part might this incident have played in her desire to bring Estella and Pip together?

R 5

Chapters 26-31

How does Pip feel when he hears that Joe is coming to visit? Why does Pip feel this way?

R 6

Chapters 32-37

How does Pip react to driving by the prison with Estella? What does Pip’s reaction indicate about his image of Estella as a person?

R 7

Chapters 38-42

What news does Magwitch bring to Pip? How does Magwitch’s information affect Pip?

R 8

Chapters 43-48

Describe Miss Havisham’s behavior when Pip visits her. How has their relationship changed?

R 9

Chapters 49-54

What happens to Magwitch? How does Pip begin to feel toward Magwitch?

R 10

Chapters 55-59

What does Joe do for Pip? How does Pip feel about himself and his actions after Joe leaves?