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Faculty Website of Prof. Elio L. Arteaga, MFA

Prof. Elio L. Arteaga, MFA

Prof. Elio L. Arteaga, MFA
Prof. Elio L. Arteaga, MFA


Elio L. Arteaga was born in Cuba in 1965, and came to the United States with his parents three years later. He excelled in school, but especially enjoyed art class. Eventually, he turned his talents into a successful career.

Elio studied Commercial Art and Advertising Design at Miami Dade College, under the tutelage of Don Ink, a renowned watercolorist, whose paintings of Florida Keys wildlife grace the walls of offices and homes throughout South Florida. At Florida International University, Elio completed a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Mass Communications, studying under professors Margo Berman and Pat Rose. He then went on to complete a Master of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Florida Atlantic University. If you consider Elio to be the Karate Kid, then consider his FAU professors Stephanie Cunningham, Walter Delaney, Linda Johnson and Andrei Kulawik to be four graphic design Mr. Miyagis.

Elio has provided training in desktop publishing technology to such South Florida companies as Avanti Press, BrandsMart USA Art Department, Miami Herald Cuba News Section and the National Newspaper Press Photographers Association’s Digital ’94 conference. Elio’s freelance graphic design clients include Florida International University, Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College, Florida International University, Golden Key National Honor Society, Zoological Society of Florida and the March of Dimes.

Elio’s graphic design and web design work can be characterized as clean and modern. He feels contrast and negative shapes are powerfully engaging visual elements that he experiments with in order to produce attractive projects. Elio loves to share his talent and knowledge with others by teaching courses in graphic design and web design. In August 2015, he joined the faculty of Miami Dade College, as graphic design/web design instructor.


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