What is Computer Animation?

Animation is the process by which we see still pictures MOVE. Each picture is shot on film one at a time and is shown at the rate of 24 pictures per second making the pictures appear to move.

Why do we see these images as moving?

The reason our eyes are tricked into seeing movement can be explained by the 'Persistance of Vision' theory.

The persistence of vision theory

Our brain holds onto an image for a fraction of a second after the image has passed. If the eye sees a series of still images very quickly one picture after another, then the images will appear to move because our eyes cannot cope with fast-moving images - our eyes have been tricked into thinking they have seen movement.

We see this many pictures per second!

Where Can I Work? How Much Can I Earn?

Multimedia Artists and Comuter Animation Artists work in:

  1. Motion picture and television studios
  2. Advertising agencies
  3. Design studios
  4. Software publishers
  5. Computer systems design firms
  6. Even on their own as freelance artists!
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