Introduction to MDC Learning Outcomes for EAP Students

     This lesson has been prepared especially with EAP students in mind.   It could also be used for orientation purposes for anyone who wants to have an idea of what MDC Learning Outcomes are all about.  Enjoy!
1.  Pre-lesson Xtranormal Video

MDC Learning Outcomes for EAP
by: profimia


1.   Watch this Preview Xtranormal video.
2.  What are MDC Learning Outcomes?   Has anyone heard about them?   What do you
     think they might be?  

     Brainstorm as a class, and put answers on board.

3.  Panopto Listening Exercise – Students watch the lecture and take notes. 
4.  How well did you listen?   This quiz can be taken as a class or individually.  It should be
     considered a learning activity rather than a “grade” maker.
5.  Quiz – Learning Outcomes Listening Activity
6.  Small Group Work – Divide into 10 small groups.  Have each group discuss what one
     LO means.   
 Click here for the list.
7.  Group Discussion - Meet back together as a group, and click here to
    find information   to discuss  each of the 10 LO’s.
8.  Play “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – MDC Learning Outcomes Version.” 
Email for a copy.