Customer Service

Employees require knowledge, skills and behaviors in dealing with customers.


1.      Concept

2.      The golden Rule

3.      Customer Satisfaction

4.                  Needs of Every Customer

a)                  Service

b)                  Price

c)                  Quality

d)                  Action

e)                  Appreciation

5.                  Problems

a)      Laziness

b)      Poor communications skills

c)      Poor time management

d)      Attitude

e)      Moodiness

f)        Lack of adequate training

g)      Inability to handle stress

h)      Insufficient authority

i)        Serving customer on autopilot

j)        Inadequate staffing


6.      Cost of Losing a Customer


7.      Ethics in Customer Service

8.      Problem Solving Process

a)      Identify the problem

b)      Understand the problemís unique characteristics and the possible outcomes

c)      Define the requirements of a possible solution considering the company policies currently in place

d)      Identify possible solutions

e)      Select the best solution

f)        Implement the solutions, informing the customer about it

g)      Observe and evaluate the solutionís impact

9.      Learning to handle anger


10.  Methods of Communication

a)      Listening

b)      Writing

c)      Talking

d)      Reading

e)      Non verbal expressions

11.  What to do when you are wrong

a)      Review the situation

b)      Observe the customerís reaction

c)      Admit the mistake

d)      Apologize for your actions or errors

e)      Find a solution and implement it


12.  Solving conflicts