Policies                                                                        ENC 1101


To receive a passing grade in this course, you must write in-class essays at an acceptable college level (grade C or higher).  If you do not write in-class essays at an acceptable college level, you will not pass the course.


Values Statement:  Miami Dade College is committed to the pursuit of truth, and to the promotion of the values of responsibility and honor.


Homework:  I collect and return all assigned homework.  It counts.  Late homework is not accepted.


Turning in Your Assignments:  Out-of-class assignments (formal essays) must be typed and turned in by the due date.  Late assignments will be accepted one-two class sessions after the due date with a grade penalty.  If you are not present during an in-class essay, you must make up the essay.


Attendance:  Attendance is mandatory, and I will take roll each class meeting. Absences are allowed without penalty, according to the following schedule: 


            * 3-day a week classes -- 5 absences

            * 2-day a week classes -- 3 absences

            * 1-day a week classes -- 1 absence.


Every absence thereafter will result in a one-letter grade deduction from your final grade.  If, however, you have perfect attendance, you participate in class, and you complete your homework assignments, you will receive extra credit.


Appearance:  Out-of-class essays must be typed.  Write in-class essays using blue books, which may be purchased at the campus bookstore, using only blue or black ink.  You may single or double space in-class essays, as you choose.  Observe the margins.


Revising Essays:  Revising out-of-class essays after a grade has been assigned is allowed.  If you wish to revise an out-of-class essay, discuss the matter with me.  The subject matter of the revision must be the same as the subject matter of the original. 


Grading:  See course syllabus.


Support Lab:  English and Communications Writing Center, room 2207.


Final grade:  See the course syllabus for the distribution and calculation of the final grade.