Professor Javier Dueñas
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College Prep Reading & Writing Department


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Javier Dueñas
Writing Professor
North Campus, College Prep Department

11380 NW 27 AV

Miami, FL 33167-3418


Office:  Room 2260-03
Phone: 305-237-1373

ENC 0015 College Prep Writing I
ENC 0025 College Prep Writing II
ENC 1101 English Composition I
pdfENC 1102 English Composition II

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Spring, 2012-2


9:50am - 11:50am & 4:30-5:30pm


9:50am - 11:50am


9:50am - 11:50am


9:50am - 11:50am & 4:30-5:30pm


(By appointment only)




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M.A. Linguistics, Florida International University, 2007

B.A. English/Philosophy, Florida International University, 1999

A.A. English Literature, Miami-Dade College, 1996
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Man is born to learn, to plunge boldly into the unknown and emerge with a new understanding of the world that surrounds him, and the right academic environment can substantially increase the effectiveness of this learning process, promoting personal growth in a number of astonishing and unexpected ways. Therefore, the role of education should be to offer learners a source of reliable knowledge and experience from dedicated, well-trained professionals in an environment that cultivates this process of personal growth, in order to effectively assist learners in their development and help them acquire the tools they need to become effective, productive, and successful in their careers and society.

It is important to remember that the history of our world is the sum of countless individual histories.  However, none of our stories have ended yet. We always have the biggest part left for us to write.

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Degrees of Velarization in English Lateral Liquids
This is an ongoing project where I am measuring the degree of "darkness" (velarization or pharyngealization) of lateral liquids acquired by L1 Spanish-L2 English bilingual students of English as a Second Language at various stages of the English language acquisition process.  This project continues to research the manner in which velarized laterals are unconsciously differentiated from both the native, monolingual Spanish [l], referred to in the literature as a clear [l], and the monolingual Standard American English [l], referred to in the literature as a "dark," or velarized, [l] in the acquisition of English as a second language.

Quechua Grammar
This is a Powerpoint presentation highlighting some salient points of Quechua grammar, with an emphasis on Quechua morphology and morphosyntatics.
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Lately, my personal focus has been on keeping up with my two highly energetic sons, which takes up most of my so-called "free time.” I have a lot of fun with them, however, so I am not complaining! Watching them grow is a constant source of fascination for me, despite the never-ending challenges, and I look forward to the great memories I know we'll create as a family.

My latest recreational pursuit is SCUBA diving. I am currently obtaining my PADI Advanced Open Water certification and have just one more dive left! I dive because I love the ocean, I love nature, and I love a challenge. There’s just something about being underwater for long periods of time that is at once fascinating, terrifying, endlessly interesting, and fun. Besides, it’s great exercise, physical as well as mental.

Outside of that, I'm also a musician. I've been a drummer/percussionist since the age of ten. I've been involved in a few different local music groups, from art rock to punk and hardcore, and to collaborations with various Spanish rock groups.  I have recorded a few releases over the years, most as demos and releases for compilations but a few (such as Brethren's To Live Again) on independent labels such as OHEV Records.  I am currently on hiatus from the local music scene, though I have been known to make a cameo performance here and there with friends from time to time, so you never know!  I love to play drums, and I don’t ever intend to stop.

What else?  I am an avid organic gardener. I love to cook, and I read incessantly. That about covers it!













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