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Solid State Physicist, PhDr. in Physical & Mathematical Sciences; an accomplished educator committed to student success; under whose guidance a large number of students have been prepared for careers, new programs, and a broad group of projects has been implemented... Juan Prieto has over 20 years of educational experience teaching mathematics, physics, and materials science courses at undergraduate and graduate levels; advisor in MSc and PhD Dissertations, author of more than 100 academic papers... For more information check his resume.  Also, you are welcome to his hobby pages:

Juan J. Prieto-Valdes



Syllabi Spring 2017

General Interest

Algebra Notebook

Calculus Notebook

Trigonometry Notebook

Pre-Calculus Notebook

MAC2233 Connect


MAC1147 MyMathLab



MAC 1147


MAC1105 Blended


MAC1145 Auditorium

Video Lectures


Other useful links

Today’s Big Problem

Graph Paper

Graphic Calculator

Wolfram Alpha

Microsoft Mathematics Add-in

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0

From Pencil to Computer in Math Education

Prepared for the International Conference on Education

See the Abstract and/or PowerPoint Presentation


Game Project for Developmental Math students

Course description and competencies at:

Practicing Tests HTLM Version      Practicing Tests PDF Version

(NEW in red color)

MAC1105 Test-1 Review (HTLM version)    MAC1105 Test-1 Review (PDF version)

MAC1105 Test-2 Review (HTLM version)    MAC1105 Test-2 Review (PDF version)

MAC1105 Test-3 Review (HTLM version)    MAC1105 Test-3 Review (PDF version)


Exponential & Logarithmic Functions Review (HTLM version)     Exponential & Logarithmic Functions Review (PDF version)


MAC1147-Test-1 Review (HTLM)       MAC1147-Test-1 Review (PDF)

MAC1147-Test-2 Review (HTLM)       MAC1147-Test-2 Review (PDF)

MAC1147 Test-3 Review (HTLM)       MAC1147 Test_3 Review (PDF)


Homework Pre-Calculus Chapter 8          Homework Pre-Calculus Chapter 9           Homework-Pre-Calculus-Chapter 10

Chapter 8 Solutions.                                  Chapter 9 Solutions.                                   Chapter 10 Solutions.


MAC2233 Test-1 Review (HTLM version)     MAC2233 Test-1 Review (PDF version)

MAC2233 Test-2 Review (HTLM version)     MAC2233 Test-2 Review (PDF version)

MAC2233 Test-3 Graphing and optimization problems (HTLM version)     MAC2233 Test-3 Graphing and optimization problems (PDF version)

MAC2233 Test-3 Optimization_problems_mac2233 (HTLM version)     MAC2233 Test-3 Optimization_problems_mac2233 (PDF version)

MAC2233 Test-3 (Exponential & Logarithmic Functions in HTLM version)     MAC2233 Test-3 (Exponential & Logarithmic Functions in PDF version)

MAC2233 Test-4 Review (HTLM version)      MAC2233 Test-4 Review (PDF version)

Final Practice Tests:

MAC2311   MAC1147   Answer Key

MAC1105(online)  MAC1105(text)   MAT1033  MAC2233  MAC1140

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