Comparison and Contrast Essays Body Paragraph 1

Gap-fill exercise

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First of all, Cuba and The United States differ in healtcare because all the medical facilities and medicines are free to the public in Cuba, in the United States, they are private. , medical transportation to and from hospitals is free, and clinics are free of charge and available to everyone who needs it. Another type of service that is free is the doctor consultations, where the waiting period is usually not very long. To be more specific, when you have an appointment, you are seen right away. , in The United States, most medical transportation has to be paid by either becoming a member of a medical plan or by health insurance. In the United States, the only transportation free of charge is the fire rescue. Another item is doctor’s consultation in the United States, which are very expensive. Medical facilities, such as chest x-ray, are also expensive, as the cost can range up to $180.00. is that the elderly have to pay the 20% that their insurance plan does not cover, like Medicare coverage. In some cases, a lot of plans do not cover certain types of test, so on many occasions they either have to pay a secondary insurance or not get the test done at all. , when you go to visit the doctor there is often a long waiting period. Finally, the transportation system that picks you up early does not pick you up again until late in the afternoon, which puts the elderly in an uncomfortable situation.