How to Search In SIRS Database




  • Click Databases on your left


  • Make sure “Miami Dade College” appears in the drop-down menu.


Borrower ID:



  • Enter your Borrower ID: (which is the number in your student ID)









  • Enter your PIN (Last four digits of your student number)


  • Click “Log on”


  • Click on Alphabetical on the top of the page


Database List    
  • Scroll down to locate SIRS Researcher (SIRS), and click on it


  • Click “Connect to Database”




  • Select the Quick Search tab and then select the Keyword option.  You can conduct a Natural Language search by typing Global Warming. Choose to return articles by relevance or date and select Submit Search.




Quick Search Tab

  • Select the Quick Search tab and then select the Subject Headings option.


Quick Search Tab

  • Type in the subject heading that you are looking for and select Search


  • A list of the subject headings that match your search display.
  • Select the hypertext link to view an individual subject heading.


  • Icons appear to the left of the check boxes.  Select the Internet Site Resultsicon to view Internet site results or the Article Resultsicon to view article results.


 | Article Results   Global Warming Conference
 | Article Results   Global warming
Internet Site Results | Article Results   Global warming, Government policy
Internet Site Results | Article Results   Global warming, Research
Internet Site Results | Article Results   Warming, Global


  • To view multiple subject headings check the check box to the left of each subject heading and then select View Checked Subjects.







  • To your right hand side hit the Leading Issues  “Pro Vs. Con”   Global warming


  • Read the topic overview to understand the basics of the discussion about global warming.


  • Click Pro/Con tab and read the viewpoint summaries and the related articles to understand where the points of difference on the global warming issue are.