Introduction to Psychology
Dr. Minca  Davis-Brantley

Welcome to PSY 2012 Introduction to Psychology!!!

 In order to access the course website you must login to the ANGEL Learning Management system.

Steps to getting into the ANGEL course webpage:

1. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox for Macs) and type

Screen should look like this:

2. On this screen, on the left, in the logon area students should use their MDC login and password to login to the ANGEL system.

* If you do not know your MDC login please call the MDC Computer Courtyard at 305.237.1800

3. After logging into the system, the screen should look like this:

4. You should now look under courses (left side of the page) and click on the appropriate course (PSY 2012 in the case).

*Again, please call the Computer Courtyard at 305.237.1800