Med Surg Level One

Course Description

This course provides students with opportunities to apply concepts of adult health nursing.  Experiences in both in-patient and community settings will be provided.  Students will be encouraged to actively participate in projects, emphasizing preventive aspects of nursing care. 4 Credits


Fundamentals of Nursing, Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical Laboratory, Fundamentals of Nursing Skills Laboratory, Health Assessment, Introduction to Nursing Math, and Pharmacology, PPE 1005.
Co-requisites Medical Surgical Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing Skills Laboratory, Nursing Math and Pharmacology, and MCB 2013
Dress Code and Supplies Please refer to School of Nursing Clinical Evaluation/Tool and Orientation  and Policy Manual
Grading Policy Please refer to School of Nursing Clinical Evaluation Manual/Tool and  Orientation  and Policy Manual.
  1. Attendance is mandatory. 
  2. Students are expected to prepare for clinical experiences by completing required assignments and pre-assignments.
  3. Clinical faculty and the nursing unit must be notified in advance of any absences.
Health/CPR requirements Please refer to School of Nursing Clinical Evaluation Manual/Tool. Students must present documentation of health requirements and current CPR on the first clinical day.
  1.  Students in the health care agency collecting clinical data must wear appropriate attire along with the student’s name pin/identification badge and white lab coat.  No shorts, jeans, tank tops, miniskirts, etc. are permitted.
  2. The purpose of pre-assignment time is for obtaining client data from charts.  Students may not interact with clients when the instructor is not present.
Expectations of clinical day
  1. Students are expected to report to the clinical site on time, with client data collection completed.  Pre-conference is set aside at the beginning of the clinical day for the student to review the client’s medical condition and plan of care with the instructor and the clinical group. 
  2.  Following pre-conference, the student will be expected to care for the assigned client after receiving report from the primary nurse.  The student will either provide or assist the client with personal hygiene, nutritional needs, and changing of bed linen.  The student assigned to administer medications or perform any sterile or invasive procedure, or any procedure for the first time, will do so under the direct supervision of the instructor.
  3. Students are expected to care for all clients in a safe and effective manner.  The student who is unable to provide consistent, safe care may be asked to withdraw from the clinical environment and/or the course.
  4. Students are responsible for practicing nursing skills required for this semester in the Nursing Skills Laboratory.
  5. Students are held accountable for all Professional Behaviors (School of Nursing Clinical Evaluation Manual/Tool).

In order to progress to Semester 3, students must earn a grade of  “S” and/or “C” or higher in every nursing course required this semester.  See co-requisites.