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Course Competencies







bookPractice Tests Links book
button Practice Tests for REA 0007
Scroll down for the Practice Tests for the Florida State College Basic Skills Exit Test and the Texas Academic Skills Program Reading Test

button Preparing for the PERT
Reading portion starts on pg. 9

button Practice Tests for REA 0007
Scroll down to Practice Tests for Florida and Texas.
button Test Your Reading Speed and Comprehension
Practice Tests for REA 0017
Scroll down to Practice Tests for Florida and Texas.
button Practice Essay Prompts
button Practice Tests - REA 0017
Scroll down to Practice Tests for Florida and Texas.
button Preparing for Standardized Tests
button20 Practice Tests for REA 0007/REA 0017  







book Reading Exercises book
Context Clues

Patterns of Organization

What Are Context Clues?
(Los Rios Community College District)

Inference and Drawing Conclusions

Main Ideas

Fact and Opinion

Purpose and Tone

Implied Main Ideas

Implied Main Idea 3
Reading for Thinking


Supporting Details
Supporting Details 1
(Janet Elder)


Bias I

Bias 2







book Other Cool Reading Linksbook


button Ab longman.com/henry

  1. button The Skilled Reader
  2. button The Effective Reader
  3. button The Master Reader
button Miami Dade College CPT Prep Site- Reading

Get help with reading skills - each lesson includes powerpoint and review activities.

button Active Reading: How to Read with a Purpose Tutorial

button New York Times Website
Read the New York Times online for free.

button Allyn and Bacon Reading Skills Website
Don't click on books. Scroll down to drop down menu and pick skill. Great practice your reading skills.

button Putting It Together
Click on Interactive quizzes and resources for improving reading.
button CNN San Francisco 
Read current news articles and get practice in reading comprehension, idea sequencing, listening, vocabulary, and more! Wonderful audio/visuals!

button Reading Across the Disciplines (REA 0017)
Skills and quizzes.

button College Prep Lab Student Resources Page - North Campus
Lots of links to Reading Skills Practice.

button Reading for Thinking - Fact and Opinion
buttonCritical Reading as a Learning Strategy Tutorial
button Reading Practice Quizzes
Great Skills Quizzes!
button Essential Reading Skills (REA 0001)
Skills summaries and quizzes.

button Review Main Ideas and Supporting Details Tutorial

button Efficient and Flexible Reading (REA 0002)
Skills summaries and quizzes.
button Five Ways to Improve Reading Speed

button Townsendpress.net
Great Online Exercises for Lagan's Ten Steps Series and Vocabulary Books. Registration is free for online exercises.

Click here for how to log in for the first time.

button Finding Main Ideas button Transition Words and Phrases and Stages of Writing
button Gallaudet's Online Reading Center

Click on side links for vocabulary, grammar and more!
button More Transitions
button How to Read Essays You Must Analyze button Topic, Main Ideas, Supporting Details

button Improving Reading Skills and Speed
Skimming and scanning techniques.

button YouTube Videos on Reading
button Internet Public Library - Book Recommender
The Internet Public Library began online in 1995, making it a pioneer in Web terms. It lists online texts of many books for FREE.









Interactive Grammar Exercises
button Grammar Bytes
A very cool grammar site!  Learn about comma splices, irregular verbs, grammar terms and rules, and more!
button Prepositions buttonYouTube - Writing Videos
*Exercises from Valencia Community College Lab








paper/pen Grammar and Writing Links paper/pen
button A+ Research and Writing Links
Learn more about research papers, persuasive, argumentative, narrative essays, and more. Step by step instruction.
button Guide to Grammar and Writing - Interactive Quizzes SkillsTutor
button Dartmoth Writing Program
Tips for developing and writing all types of academic papers.
button How to Use Apostrophes Cartoon
button E-Writing
Designed by M-DC faculty. Full lessons with Powerpoints for every grammar concept. AWESOME. Divided by Level 1-6.

button Purdue University Online Writing Lab
This site combines grammar and writing tutorial pages with examples and printable handouts. It is a wonderful one stop shopping site for free grammar handouts.
button English Language Center Study Zone
Great grammar website on the internet.
button Real Writing Exercise Central
A dignostic quiz is offered. Also, there are multiple choice exercises and example paragraphs of different patterns of organization. Also, very useful planning forms on the writing essays of different patterns and giving oral reports. Great site.
button Furman University Online
Writing Across the Curriculum. There is some information here about narrowing a topic, writing a thesis, grammar and punctuation, etc.
button Roane State Online Writing Lab
Types of essays, how to begin a writing assignment, argumentative essays, cause and effect essays, etc. Also, good grammar links.

buttonGallaudet's Online Writing Center

Information of essay types but click on links at the right for more on grammar, vocabulary, and reading!


button Sentence Essentials Website
button MDC's Writing Lab - General Grammar and Composition Handouts

button The Worksheet Library

Worksheet Library is home to over 5,000 printable worksheets for students and teachers. Many of their worksheets are available at no charge.


button Grammar Bytes
A very cool grammar site!  Learn about comma splices, irregular verbs, grammar terms and rules, and more!

button The Writer's Guide
An introduction to the process of writing and to the study of literature. Also, types of essays.

button Grammar Gorillas

Interactive games on word parts, nouns, verbs and all parts of speech: beginner and advanced levels.

button Writing First Companion Website - Free Grammar Exercises


buttonGrammar Websites - Multiple Sources
Onlines quizzes, powerpoints, crosswords and more.

button College Prep Blog - North Campus - MDC

button Guide to Grammar and Writing
Great Grammar site especially suited for English students.












Antonym Vocabulary Links Synonym


button AlphaDictionary.com
This site has a word of the day (like dictionary.com), but they're written with some humor.  Plus there's a fun and games section.

button Longman Vocabulary Website
Practice vocabulary
button Dictionary.com
Type in a word at the top of the screen and find dictionary meanings.  You can also click on a thesaurus for any word.  
button Vocabulary University
Lots of cool quizzes and games
button Fun with Words Website button Visual Thesaurus
button Freerice.com
Play a vocabulary game, and for each word you get right, 20 grains of rice is donated to the United Nations World Food Program - Learn Vocabulary and be altruistic at the same time!
button Visuwords
Awesome site that gives visual map of words definitions and lots more - a visual dictionary and thesaurus.

button Frovo
- Type in words you want to know how to pronounce.
- Vote other people's pronunciations.

button Word Safari
Practice your Vocabulary Skills







deskStudy Skills Linksdesk
button Keirsey Tests
Students (and instructors) can complete this questionnaire (the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II) on line and have it scored immediately. Bar graph scores indicate whether they are more attentive or expressive, introspective or observant, tender or tough, and probing or scheduled.
button Study Tips & Test -Taking Strategies
Information on taking all types of tests in various disciplines.
button Applying the Keirsey Test Data button Study Skills Website - Virginia Tech

button Cumulative Grade Point Average Calculator
button Grade Point Average Calculator

button Test Taking Strategies -
Provides General Suggestions for All Types of Tests
* Essay Tests
* Objective Tests (Multiple Choice, True / False)
* Problem Tests (Math)

button How to Study - When You Hit the books and they hit back

button Test Taking Strategies
button How to Reduce Test Anxiety button Test Taking Strategies
Provides Test Taking Checklist
button Learning Strategies
button Writing a Research Paper - Step by Step Guide
button Links to a Better Education
Huge site on Study Skills

button Test Taking Strategies
Includes Math Specific Test Taking Skills
button Relieving Test Anxiety button University of North Dakota
Study Skills Downloadable Handouts
button Study Guides and Strategies button Vark Guide to Learning Styles
How do I learn best?


This site gives students a wide range of helpful free information presented in different forms such as newsletters, articles, digital books (e-books) and study tools/software.

button What Your Mother Never Told You About College
Helpful Hints







programmer Virtual Field Trips programmer

button Virtual Field Trip on Memory Principles

and button Memory Quiz

button Virtual Field Trip on Bloom's Taxonomy - How well do I understand what I am learning?

button Virtual Field Trip on Procrastination

button Virtual Field Trip on Mapping

button Virtual Field Trip on Searching the Internet
button Evaluating Websites






links ESL/EAP Links links
button esl.org
An interesting ESL site with grammar and vocabulary quizzes.
button English Page.com
Free online English lessons

button Adam Rado's English Learning Fun Site   (ELFS)
Grammar, Idiom, slang, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, and more.

button ESL Blues
Great Grammar site! 
button Dave's ESL Cafe
Grammar quizzes!  Hints!  Phrasal verbs!  more, more, more!
button Randal's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Great ESL listening practice!  Quizzes and exercises!
button ELEaston.com
American English Pronunciation SkillsTutor.com
Excellent online grammar, reading, and writing tutorial and practice.
button Takako's Great Adventure
Really fun English listening website.









abacus Math Links abacus
button MAT 0020 Course Competencies button More Math Vocabulary
Definitions with examples.

button Ask Dr. Math
Have a math question? Ask Dr. Math.

button Math Words and Some Other Words of Interest

button Improving Math Skills
Links for how to solving word problems, how to read a math text book, how to take math tests and how to reduce math anxiety.

button Problem of the Week

button Interactive Mathematics
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives These are games to help you visualize what you are studying. Scroll down to program that covers the skill you are working on.

button Reading Maya Hieroglyphs
Website on ancient Maya civilization - Read about their culture and use math to figure out their hieroglyphs.

button Math.com
How to articles for various math problems.

button Translate Words into Algebraic Equations

button Math Vocabulary
Definitions with examples.

button Translating Word Problems







plagiarism iconPlagiarism Linksplagiarism Icon
button Plagiarism Defined button Research and Plagiarism
button Great site on Plagiarism button Several Useful Sites on Avoiding Plagiarism
How to cite an internet source.
button 10 Examples of Plagiarism  


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