Arthurian Children's and Young Adults' Books

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Ages 4 - 8

Chwast, Seymour. Mr. Merlin and the Turtle (1996)

Crawford, Thomas , and John Green (Illustrator). King Arthur Coloring Book (1996)

Giblin, James Cross, and Claire Ewart (Illustrator). The Dwarf, the Giant, and the Unicorn : A Tale of King Arthur (1996)

Heyer, Carol. Excalibur (1993)

Hodges,Margaret, and Trina Schart Hyman (Illustrator). The Kitchen Knight : A Tale of King Arthur (1993)

MacCarone, Grace, and Joe Boddy (Illustrator). The Sword in the Stone (Hello Reader!, Level 2 Kindergarten-Grade 2)

Malkin, Isabel , and Beth Moulton (Illustrators) King Arthur/Coloring Book (Nanabanana Classics)

Pyle, Howard, Don Hinkle, and Jerry Tiritilli, Jeyys Tiritilli (Illustrator). King Arthur (Illustrated Classics) (1989)

San Souci, Robert D., and Daniel Horne (Illustrator). Young Merlin (1996)



Ages 9 - 12

Foss, Michael. The World of Camelot : King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table (1998) 

Green, Roger Lancelyn, and Aubrey Beardsley (Illustrator). King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table : Retold Out of the Old Romances (Everyman's Library Children's Classics) (1993)

Hastings, Selina, and Juan Wijngaard (Illustrator). Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady (1987)

Lang, Andrew (Editor). Tales from King Arthur (Wordsworth Collection) (no date>

Lister, Robin, Alan Baker (Illustrator), and Thomas Malory. The Story of King Arthur (Kingfisher Classics) (1997)

Mazer, Anne. Walt Disney Pictures Presents a Kid in King Arthur's Court : A Novel (Junior Novelization) (1995)

Mockler, Anthony, and Nick Harris. King Arthur and His Knights (1997)

O'Neal, Michael. King Arthur : Opposing Viewpoints (GreatMysteries) (1992)

Pyle, Howard. The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur (1993)

Talbott, Hudson, and Peter Glassman. King Arthur and the Round Table (Books of Wonder : Tales of King Arthur) (1995)

Thompson, Kathleen, Thomas Malory, and Susan Hunter. Merlin, the Wizard (1998)

Twain, Mark. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1997)

Williams, Marcia (Illustrator). King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (1997)

Yolen, Jane. The Dragon's Boy (1990)

---. Passager (the Young Merlin Trilogy, Book 1) (1996)

---. Hobby (the Young Merlin Trilogy, Book 2) (1996)

--. Merlin (the Young Merlin Trilogy, Book 3) (1997)

Yolen, Jane (Editor), and Winslow Pels (Illustrator). Camelot (1995)


Young Adult

McCaffrey, Anne. Black Horses for the King (1996)

Morris, Gilbert. The Sword of Camelot (1995)

Rozelle, Lew. Origami in King Arthur's Court: An Adventure in Folding (1997)

Sutcliff, Rosemary. The Road to Camlann (1994)

---. The Sword and the Circle : King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (1994)

Talbott, Hudson. Excalibur (Books of Wonder) (1996)

Twain, Mark, Trina Schart Hyman, and Trina Schart. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court (Books of Wonder) (1998)

Wein, Elizabeth E. The Winter Prince




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