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 STA2023     Statistical Methods 

                     In classroom (IC) web enhanced course through ANGEL:      

                                                      Required textbook: Elementary Statistics A Step by Step Approach by Allan Bluman 8th Edition   

                                                      Optional: After you purchased the book, you will have free access to Connect at  for e-book, videos and practices  etc.

                                                      through course code: RHR6M-N4LYT  

                     Virtual College (VC) online course through ANGEL

                                                      Required materials: Purchase access to  My Math Lab (Course compass)  for access to e-book, assignments, multimedia (videos, slides) etc.

                                                      Optional: Elementary Statistics by Mario F. Triola 11th Edition  with access to My Math Lab



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                  After you register for web enhanced or online course, you will have access to syllabus, lecture notes, videos, important formulas

                   Qs & As, homework solutions for IC and tests for VC through ANGEL using your MDC user name and password.

                 In case you can not access ANGEL for STA2023 (VC):

                 You can access My Math Lab (Course compass)  for e-book and assignments.         


  Half hour after class, please e-mail your questions in advance using your ANGEL or MDC e-mail with specified subject.

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 MS. Applied Statistics, University of Miami

 MS. Computer Information System, University of Miami

 MD., Wuhan Medical School


    The best way to learn is to do, the worst way to teach is to talk    ___Paul Halmos

I believe if students understand why they need to know statistics, they will be more motivated to learn it. Statistics are used every day. 

Have you voted for a politician because he claimed his economic policies would lower the unemployment rate and increase the GDP? 

Have you chosen a surgery that your doctor said would extend your life expectancy by 10 years if successful, but had a 5% risk of serious side effects? 

Have you chosen to lower your insurance premiums by $30 per month by increasing the deductible from $500 to $1000? 

These are some of many everyday situations where a good understanding of statistics can serve as a guide to making better decisions.

Two of the best ways to learn statistics is by doing it and teaching it.

As an instructor, I will help you to be successful for the course.


I enjoy ballroom dancing, Chinese folk dancing, costumes, music, and walking my lovely dog Boss.


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