Artist Speech

To begin you must pick an artist that you will be able to write a 3 page full sentence outline about.You need to discuss a variety of things which may include their life, art, inspirations, their impact in the art world, and why that artist appeals to you.Some of you asked me if your artist has to be a painter, and the answer is no.They can be the following, but they must be approved by me: drawer, graphite artist, tattoo artist, architect, sculptor, and possibly a writer.Just ask me if and I will tell you if I approve it or I donít.

This is a few links to help you find an artist*/group/Ha-Hh/

Once you have chosen your artist please begin to write your outline like the sample that was given to you on the first day of class that discussed the Titanic and follow that exact format.I expect you to use 4 sources and none of them should be Wikipedia!!!!

Once you have written your speech please take it to the learning support lab so they can give you feedback.Many of you will need that feedback to pass this course.Remember that if your paper is not written properly you will fail the Gordon Rule and therefor fail the course.Please take this paper seriously.†††

Finally you will need a visual aid-power point.I will show some examples in class in the coming weeks.

You should begin to prepare for this assignment soon.The outline is worth 25 points, power point is part of the speech which will be worth between 100-110 points.