The final project is a video project.  You are to create a 5-7 minute video that may feature any of the following including a person/people, place, event, organization, or an issue.  This video should be similar in nature to the examples below.  The vast majority of this video should be your own photos, video clips, and interviews.  If you use any photos, music, or short video clips from the web, you must give credit at the end of your video. 

The video is meant to be informative, just like the samples below.  You are looking at issues that are either global or local.  You can focus on a person such as someone who has served in the military and has a short story to tell, a “Marielito”, which was someone who was on the Mariel boatlift, a survivor from a war torn country such as Germany (1940s), Korea (1950s), Vietnam (1960s), or maybe Nicaragua (1980s), to just name a few. 

You could focus on feel good stories, such as a local artist, a local organization that is making a difference in the community, a teacher who is making big changes in the community, police and the issues they face, or a nonprofit organization that helps a community.

You can focus on hard issues like drugs, prostitution, health, guns, crime, poverty, to name just a few. 

If you work for a nonprofit you could cover a variety of topics in your video such as; discuss the organization you chose, why service is important, what you enjoyed about volunteering, how others should get involved with this organization, or how service has changed your views.  Your video can include images, each one of you answering different questions, video clips and can have some artistic expression.   I expect that this is going to be taken seriously and you will take the time to edit it.  


Remember to film people who want to be filmed, and if you can ask people’s permission. 


I expect that this is going to be taken seriously and you will take the time to edit it.  


This video will be graded on a variety of things, and rubric will be provided in class.


To help you get started v=z3ymCyalGik


 Videos to help you edit



CBS Ed Sheeran-

CBS Filling Potholes-

Hitler’s war on Art-

Chuck Close-

The Raven-

Vietnam Vet-

High school project-

Migrant Education Program-


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