Spring 2018

Prof. Vellone  

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SPC 1017

Text: Communicate!  15th Edition      Verderber/Sellnow/Verderber           Must get a code

Course description and objectives.  This course is designed to provide a forum for public discourse and the process by which effective speeches are conceived, prepared and delivered.  This course is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of speech communications including: speaking and listening, intrapersonal, interpersonal, verbal, nonverbal, small group communication, culture, mass, and public speaking in various cultural contexts


Attendance Policy:

Regular attendance is essential to your mastery and understanding of this course.  It is, therefore, required. Attendance will be counted towards your grade; this includes being tardy and leaving early.  Be prepared that if you miss three classes in a row you will be dropped, Classes that meet once a week are worth 4 points and classes that meet twice a week are worth 3 each day and classes that meet three times a week are worth 2.  If you are late or leave early you lose all the points for that day. 


Assignment policy:

I will only accept assignments in class, meaning that when I collect them you must be present.  I will not take them before or after class.  Do not put assignments under my door, in my mailbox or anywhere else.  The only place an assignment belongs is in my hand when I collect it.  I will not accept any late assignment unless you have a medical excuse.  Please realize that if you miss class the day you are to turn in an assignment or take a quiz, or give a speech you will not be allowed to make up that activity on a subsequent date, unless I have approved your absence (points will be deducted for late speeches).  If you do miss a class, it is your responsibility to get the information that was covered from one of your classmates.  If you are late or leave early, you may miss a quiz and or a speech and will not be allowed to make it up.  All assignments must be typed.  No excuses 

If you do not attend class or just quit coming I will not withdraw you from class it is your responsibility. Students not completing the course for any reason are required to submit official drop notices to the Registar’s office prior to the deadline date.  This is your responsibility.  Failure to comply with this procedure will may result in you receiving a letter grade of “F”. 

Class rules

Please pay proper respect to other students in the class, do not interrupt students when they are presenting, and tailor your participation in this class to a nature suitable to its environment.  Profanity, discrimination and harassment of any kind are inexcusable and will not be tolerated.  If you have any questions please refer to your MDC students rights and responsibilities hand book.  Turn off all cell phones when you enter the room.  If I see a cell phone out (text messaging, playing games, talking,) you may be asked to leave.  If you are late, do not enter while a speech is being presented, and if you do be prepared to have points deducted from your grade.  Food, children and friends are not permitted in class. 


Academic Honesty:

MDC expects its students to be honest in all of their course work and activities. A student’s academic work must be the result of his or her own thought, research, or self-expression. According to this policy manual, cheating includes copying assignments from another student, working together with another student when specifically prohibited from doing so by the professor, or the giving of work or information to another student to be copied and/or used as his or her own. According to the academic honesty policy “penalties may include, but are not limited to, a failing grade for a particular assignment or a failing grade for a particular course.”




Grades will be determined on a point system, and all speeches, assignments, and tests will be given a number grade. Late or incomplete assignments will not be accepted.  The following is a general description of how your grades are determined.

Point Scale

A=100-90%     B=89-80%       C=79-70%       D=69-60%       F=59%            




Speech 1 Impromptu                           10pts________


Charlie Day paper                               10 pts_______


Speech 2 Art speech

Artist practice video

Posting your video is worth                 10 pts._____

Your essay review of partner               15 pts._____



Artist speech in class                           110 pts _______

Visual Aid

Speech outline                                     Gordon Rule pass/fail

                                                            25pts _______



Exam chapters 1-6                              100 pts_______



If you are late or leave early you will lose all your points on the day

If a class meets two or three times a week it will be worth two points each class and if it meets once a week it is worth 4 points each class


Online quizzes                                     100 pts_______


Final Project                                                  

video                                                    78 Pts_________


Online bonus quizzes are worth 15 pts.


How to figure your grade

Total the points you have so far during the semester then divide it by the total number of points possible for example


410 ÷ 515=79.6% or if you have only taken one exam and the impromptu speech 95 ÷ 125= 76%

                79.8%                                                                                76%           

585 )467.00                                          or                            125)95.00

         3605                                                                                      875

           4950                                                                                      750

           4635                                                                                      750              

             3150                                                                                          0             






On my web site you are going to find a section labeled homework, underneath you will find that there are links for chapters.  You will find your Learn Smart homework and Quizzes under this link. 


Impromptu speech This style of speech will help to learn how to think on your feet.  This skill is important in the job interview process.  You will reach in a bag, pull out a topic and talk about it for two minutes   Topics will range from “who is your favorite super hero to if I won a million dollars, what would I do with it?” 

Purchase 3x5 note cards to use for your speeches 


We will have one Informative Speech (110 pts. for presentation)

An informative speech is one that concentrates on explaining, defining, clarifying and instructing.  Your speech will inform the class on a specific topic.  Since this is a Gordon Rule course your outline must reach a certain quality, and if it doesn’t you will automatically not pass the class, so I would take this very seriously.  You will create a 3 page, single spaced, full sentence outline, and it must be APA style.  You will be given an example in class.  In the coming weeks I will provide you a list of possible topics you may choose.   You should bring your paper to the writing lab that is located in the library. 

You have one opportunity to turn in each outline so you better make sure that is written correctly.  If you fail to turn in the paper or it is not written effectively and it is a failure, you will fail the course because you did not meet the Gordon rule requirement. 


You must use 4 sources and they must be reliable sources.  If you use things like wiki be prepared to loose points.

You can use newspapers, books, interviews, magazines, journal articles, television programs, and movies


Once you have written your speech, you practice it until you know it well enough that you will be able to teach the class about it.  You will only have four not cards 3x5 one side to help you, so choose a topic that interests you and you will be able to teach the class. 


You will not read your speech to me.  You will only have four note cards to use for this speech.  If someone tries to read, you will be asked to sit down and you will receive a zero for this assignment.  You are to teach the class about a topic you have chosen. 

Purchase 3x5 note cards to use for your speeches



  1. Communicate effectively using listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  2. Use quantitative analytical skills to evaluate and process numerical data.
  3. Solve problems using critical and creative thinking and scientific reasoning.
  4. Formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures, including global and historical perspectives.
  6. Create strategies that can be used to fulfill personal, civic, and social responsibilities.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical thinking and its application to issues in society.
  8. Use computer and emerging technologies effectively.
  9. Demonstrate an appreciation for aesthetics and creative activities.
  10. Describe how natural systems function and recognize the impact of humans on the environment.

This is a Gordon rule course and if a student does not complete all of the writing requirements at a passing level or does not turn them in, on their due dates, the student can be held back from completion of this course.  

The instructor reserves the right to make changes and may do so as the term progresses.  Each class is comprised of unique groups of individuals and may require different approaches.  Any changes will be made for the entire class, not individual purposes.  

 Please make sure that you get another students name and number so you can ask them what you missed in class.