Dr. Ana Ciereszko

My Favorite Links
Useful Chemistry Sites
Periodic Table An interactive periodic table with 'tons' of information on the elements
Chemdex International directory of chemistry on the internet
About.Com.Chemistry Fantastic chemistry resource! Includes explanations and tutorials for many topics
The ChemCollective A collection of virtual labs, scenario-based learning activities, and concepts tests
Whitten, Davis, Peck, Stanley 7th ed. Includes on-line quizzes, simulations, real-world applications, etc.
Biographies of Famous Chemists An extensive alphabetical list of biographies for many important chemists
Internet History of Science Sourcebook Reference material on many aspects of history of science.

"Fun" Science Sites
Junk Science Homepage Interesting science information, updated daily
Explore Science Highly interactive science activities for students and educators
Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry (And Some Physics too)
Science News
EurakAlert Global gateway to science, medicine and technology news
Science Daily Daily updates of general science information
New Scientist Science news
American Chemical Society Information on chemistry as a profession and how it affects our world
National Science Foundation Independent U.S. government agency responsible for promoting science and engineering
National Inventors Hall of Fame List inventors alphabetically, by date of induction and by invention
Health Related Sites
Internet FDA Food and Drug Administration web site
Health Finder General information about health and nutrition
National Institute of Health Information on advances in health and medicine
Merck Index Pharmaceutical company's web page