PSC 1121      

Summaries and Assignments

Course Competencies
1a. Nature of Science:  The Scientific Method
1b. The Metric System (SI)
2a. Motion: Quantities and Types of Motions
2b. Motion: Newton's Laws
3a. Energy and Work:  Kinetic and Potential Energy, Work and Force 
3b. Energy and Work: Types of Energy, Transformations, and Sources of Energy' Energy
4a. Temperature and Heat: Temperature Scales
4b. Temperature and Heat: States of Matter
5a. Waves: Properties
5b. Waves: Reflection, refraction and interference
6a. Electricity and Magnetism: Electricity
6b. Electricity and Magnetism: Magnetism
7a. The Atom: Subatomic particles, Isotopes
7b. The Atom: Elements 
7c. The Atom: Nuclear radiation, Relationship between mass and energy
8a. Matter: Types and Properties
8b. Matter: Elements and Compounds
8c. Matter: Solutions
8d. Matter: Acids and Bases
9a. The Universe: The Solar System
9b. The Universe: The Moon, Phases and Eclipses
9c. The Universe: The Sun
9d. The Universe: Stars and Galaxies
  Scanveger Hunt - Astronomers