WebCT Instructions L

Creating a myWebCT

When you create a myWebCT, you are required to create a WebCT ID and password. Each time you log in to myWebCT, you enter your WebCT ID and password.

The URL is http://webct4a.mdc.edu

The first step to using WebCT is to Create myWebCT (this is a one time process) as follows:

You will be asked for

  • Personal Information (First Name, Last Name)

  • Logon Information

  • WebCT ID - Standardization is the key to your ID.  Therefore, use myMDC Account name as your WebCT ID.  For example, John Wilson could be john.wilson001

  • Password (4 characters or longer) - Use something that you will remember, perhaps the same password you use for myMDC Account.

Registering into myWebCT  (A one-time process)

  1. From your myWebCT, click Add Course. The Select the course to add to your myWebCT screen appears, displaying all courses in the Default term and Main category not currently listed in your myWebCT.

  2. Select a view:

    • If you want to view courses by category (Chemistry) or (Physical Science), from the View by Category drop-down list, select a category and click Update.

  3. Locate the self-registration course you want to add and do one of the following:

    • Under Course, click the course name. The Add a Course to myWebCT screen appears.

    • Under Add course, click the Add course icon. The Add a Course to myWebCT screen appears.

  4. Click Register. The Course Added screen appears, and the course has been added to your myWebCT. You can do one of the following:

    • add another course

    • go to the course

    • return to myWebCT

Once you have created your own WebCT account then  Log in to my WebCT and register to gain access to extra course information, course calendar and extra credit quizzes. When you logon you will see a dialog box in which you have to enter your WebCT ID and Password.

After you click the Continue button, a dialog box will appear asking for you to enter  your myWebCT ID and the password you just created.

After entering your myWebCT ID and password, you will be taken to your myWebCT Page.  This will be your entry page to any WebCT course you are taking, plus announcements and even personal bookmarks.