Dr. Alfonso A. Pino.    
           Biology Health & Wellness Department
Alfonso A. Pino

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Phone: 305-237-2592

Kendall Campus
11011 S.W. 104 Street
Miami, FL 33176-0891
BSC 2085 Anatomy and Physiology
BSC 2085L Anatomy and Physiology Lab 1
BSC 2086 Anatomy and Physiology
BSC2086L Anatomy and Physiology Lab 2
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1977-1983: Higher Institute of Medical Sciences

                    Havana, Cuba.

                    Degree: Doctor in Medicine.

1998-1999: English as a Second Language

                    English Language Institute- Inter-

                    American Campus

                    Miami-Dade Community College

                    Miami , Florida.



1984-1985:  Grade I Pediatric Residency

                    Alamar Clinic Center (Communitary 


                    Havana, Cuba.

1985-1987:  Grade II Pediatric Residency

                    Luis Diaz Soto Hospital (Naval)

                    Havana, Cuba.

1985-1987:  Ramon Gonzalez Coro Hospital

                    (The Perinatologic Reference Center)

                    Havana, Cuba.

                    Degree: First Degree Specialist in     




2001-2002: Instructor GED

                    MDCC Inter-American Campus

                    Miami, Florida.

2002- 2003: Paraprofessional-Master’s /Tutor

                    Math/Science Study center

                    MDC Kendall Campus

                    Miami, Florida.

2001-2003:  Adjunct Professor (Anatomy and 


                     Biology Heath & Wellness Department

                     MDC Kendall Campus

                     Miami, Florida.

1990-1991:  5th grade medical students (Neonatal

                    Room) Eusevio Hernandez Hospital 

                    (Maternity of   Marianao)

                    Havana, Cuba.

1989-1090:  5th garde medical students (Neonatal

                     Room, Agostino Neto Hospital

                    Guantanamo, Cuba.

1987-1989:  Nursing Licence Program

                    Ramon Gonzalez Coro Hospital

                    Havana, Cuba.



1991-1994:  Attendant Physician (Neonatologist)

                    Juan Manuel Marquez Hospital

                   (Marianao Pediatric Hospital)

                    Havana, Cuba.

1990-1991:  Attendant Physician (Neonatologist)

                    Eusevio Hernandez Hospital (Maternity

                    of  Marianao)

                    Havana, Cuba.

1989-1990:  Attendant Physician (Neonatologist)

                    Agostino Neto Hospital

                    Guantanamo, Cuba.



1993:  Pediatric Congress, Havana, Cuba.

1990:  Pediatric Congress, Havana, Cuba.

1989:  Pediatric Congress, Havana, Cuba.

1987:  Perinatal, Gynecological and Obstetrical

          Congress, Havana, Cuba.

1984:  Pediatric Congress, Havana, Cuba.



1993:  Febrile Syndrome in The Newborn. Round

           table, Juan Manuel Marquez Hospital,         

           Havana, Cuba.

1993:  Febrile Syndrome in The Newborn, Juan

           Manuel Marquez Hospital,   

           Havana, Cuba.

1993:  Case Presentation Kasabash Merrit, Juan

           Manuel Marquez Hospital,                  

           Havana, Cuba.

1988:  Sepsis in Newborn less than 1500gs,

          Ventilated and Deceased, Ramon Gonzalez 

           Coro Hospital,

           Havana, Cuba

1987:  Neonatology Thesis, Nutrition for The

           Newborn, Comparative Study, Ramon

           Gonzales Coro Hospital,

           Havana, Cuba.

1985:  Prevalent Infection in Children, Heath Section

          of  Policlinico Docente  Alamar,

          Havana, Cuba.



2004:  Certificate of Excellence. Recognition of hard

           Work and Dedication.

           Natural Science Discipline Committee

           Miami Dade College Kendall

           Miami, Florida

1982:  Recognition. Meconium Amniotic Fluid, Clinic

           Correlation in newborns,  Student Scientific

           Certamen, Luis Diaz Soto Hospital.

           Havana, Cuba



It is important for professors to have a philosophy of teaching. My teaching philosophy is to be student oriented. To be student oriented does not means to give grades away but, to respect all the students in a multi ethnic and multicultural environment and to be able to utilize a variety of teaching strategies and teaching techniques to help the students succeed and reach their goals. To be flexible and open to change is mandatory today in order to improve both, the professor performance and the student outcomes.

  In a multi ethnic and multicultural environment the professor have to be very careful about expressing his or her feelings. It is a requirement not to do comments about religion because some students can be hurt and there are a variety of religions in our country and in consequence in our classrooms. Not to mention ethnic issues because it can also interfere in a good classroom environment. We have to be able to respect every student no mater their skin color or their original country.

  To do a good use of the technology is a requirement at most in our days. Some of them are: blackboard, white board, overhead projector, videos, compact discs, and power point. The combination Lecture, Active Learning and Cooperative Learning Activities bring to the classroom a refreshment environment. It is important to adjust their use according to the theme and the type of class. To be aware about his or her learning and teaching styles and the students learning styles is important in order to improve the classroom performance. For some classes like Anatomy Where the students have to recognize different parts of the body, good images are important.

  When the professor is available for the students they feel that the professor cares about them. To bring office hours in which they can get extra information about some difficult materials is an effective way. To communicate with the students on the phone, e-mail and also giving to them some extra time after class are some examples of availability. In my personal experience I allow the student to come to see the same class when I am teaching that class in different days during the week.

  In conclusion my teaching philosophy is to be student oriented. It works for me because the students communicate better with me. It allows me to provide them with a better understanding of the material covered in class. A high qualify teaching performance will be reflected positively in student outcomes.


  Life is a wonderful trip!

Opera, ballet, theater, movies, body culture, healthy food, good friends


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