I firmly believe that in the field of science, studentsí interaction and everyday participation in class is highly important. Therefore, one of my primary goals is to create a relaxed atmosphere reducing the anxieties and insecurities that the learning process may create. The result is a comfortable environment in which everyone is free to get involved, to ask questions, and to interact.† I find such an atmosphere extremely important for the students to assimilate new information.

Teaching involves the flexibility and the capacity to be aware that what is effective with one group might not be as effective with another group.† My philosophy of teaching is precisely this; to follow my students carefully, identify their problems and help them to improve their performance.† Planning and updating my teaching methods to make them suitable to my studentsí needs is the only way to achieve this goal.

I also understand the importance of ongoing assessment as an instructional tool for the classroom and use both, informal and formal assessments, to measure the progress in the classroom.† I also use formative and summative evaluations.† Formative evaluation is very important because it allows me to modify instruction while it is still possible. I set goals for my students and use these goals when preparing the lessons and tests.††† I also teach students to set goals and accomplish their own goals, both individually and in groups.

I identify appropriate techniques for leading class discussions such as listening; identify relevant information, probing, drawing inferences, summarizing studentsí comments, and redirecting.† Using modeling, providing an explanation or additional information, or asking additional questions are among the ways I use to correct students errors.† When communicating with the students, I monitor the effects of a message to be sure that they actually received and understood the message.† I encourage my students to be active and reflective listeners.

I understand the importance of continuous improvement by participating in professional development experiences than enhance my teaching performance and improve studentsí achievement.† I use data from the learning environment as a basis for exploring and reflecting upon my teaching practices.

I also use a variety of instructional strategies, resources, materials, and technology to foster critical thinking and creative thinking.† I believe that the way I teach should be directly related to the way the students learn.† I use comparison and contrast, and questioning as ways to elicit different levels of thinking.

I appreciate the human diversity, by recognizing how diversity in the classroom and the community might affect learning, by creating a classroom environment in which diversity and uniqueness of individuals are recognized and celebrated.†

I apply the Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct to realistic and professional situations.†

I also identify motivational strategies that encourage students to be achievement and goal oriented.

I identify references, materials, and technologies appropriate to the subject and the studentsí abilities.† It is very important to communicate accurate knowledge of the subject matter in a language and style that is appropriate and enable the students to learn.

During the planning of my lessons, I establish long-term goals and short-term objectives that are suitably to the studentsí needs.† Establishing long-term range goals help to clarify the knowledge and skills that the students will work toward during the course. I conduct activities that support the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be learned.

I also identify student behavior indicating possible emotional distress, substance abuse, neglect or abuse, and suicidal tendencies.† As part of the classroom management, I allow the students to have input, listen to my students.† I am consistent with expectations and consequences; do not make exception to school rules, do not correct or reprimand a student in front of a class, and wait until every student is ready to start the learning process.† I do consult with colleagues and administrators for advice, and make sure that the students know their rights and their responsibilities.

As part of the use of technology in my class, I identify appropriate software to prepare materials, deliver instruction, assess studentsí achievement, and manage classroom tasks, and appropriate classroom procedures for students use of available technology.† Technology represents an important part of the world and, therefore, must be an important part of the education environment.

Finally, I want to share my skills and knowledge acquired through years of research and product development, and my working experience abroad (Europe, Latin America, and Canada) with my students.† They can rely on my extended preparation to shape and improve their own abilities and be prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.