Angela K. Weathers, M.D.

  Adjunct Professor
  Phone:  786-299-7710
Homestead Campus     Kendall Campus
Department of Arts and Sciences     Department of Biology, Health and Wellness
  Course Information    
BSC 1005 General Education Biology   BSC 1005
BSC 1005L General Education Biology Lab   BSC 1005L
  Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab 1   BSC 2085LTuesday
  Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab 2   BSC 2086L
      BSC 2085L Thursday
  Office Schedule    
  Before and After Class or By Appointment    
  Educational Background    
  Medical Doctorate Degree    
  Wayne State University School of Medicine    
  Detroit, Michigan    
  Post Graduate Educational Instruction Courses    
  Eastern Michigan University    
  Ypsilanti, Michigan    
  Bachelors of Arts Degree Biology    
  Fisk University    
  Nashville Tennessee    
  Educational Philosophy    
  I believe that with perserverance and encouragement you can be taught to do anything.
  Forensic Pathology, Geneology, and Photography