Carlos Gonzalez

Communication, Arts and
Philosophy Department
Miami Dade College
InterAmerican Campus
627 S.W. 27th Avenue
Miami, FL 33135

Room 1347




…I call on the spirits of creativity, passion, love, engagement…
I call on the presence of the east, the morning, dawn, new horizons,
rising energy, gold, yellow, moving from darkness to greater light;
I call on the presence of the west, the place of the setting sun, dark
and deep orange, maturing strength, warmth…I call on the presence
of the south, summer, Cuba, home, water, blue sky, warm air breezes,
rice and beans, corn meal and milk ("harina y leche") for lunch, sounds
of children laughing, arguing, coming in and out, playing games, swimming
in the ocean, ecstasy, great passion…I call on the presence of the north,
white lights, white buffalo, mystical knowing, death as journey, Dad,
spirits of the ancestors, loved ones, dwelling place of transformation…
I call on the presence of community itself; I ask for wisdom, voice, blessings...


Welcome all! Please take some time to explore. I've been teaching at
Miami-Dade College for over 12 years. The ride has been more than
interesting; it's been the ground of much exploration and
perpetual transformation.