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Chris Migliaccio
Professor of Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Louis Wolfson III Endowed Teaching Chair (2001-2004)

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Natural Sciences, Health & Wellness

Educational Background

B.S. University of Miami, FL; Biology with concentration in ecology; 1975
M.S. Florida International University (Science Education); 1985; addtional coursework in tropical botany and ecology

Educational Philosophy

Simply stated, Earth is in crisis. Accordingly, my goal as an educator is to help each student become aware of how "everythingispartofeverythingelse" and to become more interested in learning about the natural world. In this way, students are encouraged to examine their role as citizen of Earth in order to develop a relationship based upon respect and compassion toward all life and the planet itself. Using hands-on activities, lively class discussions, a wide range of technologies, field experiences, contemplative observation of Nature, artistic expression and service-learning, I hope that each individual will develop what philosopher Peter Russell calls "leaky margins" and in doing so, experience the fundamental unity of all things.

Courses I Teach at MDC

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Professional Interests
Environmental ethics Plant defense mechanisms
Natural history of the Florida Everglades Teaching & learning with technology

Memberships & Affiliations
Association for Tropical Biology The International Palm Society
Charles Darwin Foundation, Inc. The Nature Conservancy
East African Wildlife Society The Organization of Tropical Studies
Miami-Dade Chapter, Florida Native Plant Society Plant Biologists of South Florida
Friends of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Rainforest Action Network
Greenpeace International United Faculty of Miami Dade College

Spending Time With Nature in South Florida

Check out this directory of natural areas to visit in our bioregion

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