ENC2300 Advanced Composition and Communication



Paper Three


  Department of English


Write 2-3 paragraphs in which you lay out your topic, thesis and plan for your research paper.


The purpose of this assignment is to organize, present and justify the three minimum 'academic' sources you will use to support your claim/ thesis in Paper #2. (click here for information on academic sources).


The following sections must be in your proposal :

   A. Present the issue or controversy  (take this from P1)

   B. State the significance of the issue or controversy (take this from P1)

   C. State and discuss a 'working' claim (thesis) for your research paper (take this from  


   D. State where, how and what kinds of sources will support your claim.

   E. Describe/summarize at three potential resources you have found and how they  

       support your claim.

   F. Attach a 'working works cited' using MLA style of documentation (list the three 

       sources you discuss in section D).

      The following links may be helpful:

      Research and Documentation Online (click on Humanities) 

      Citation Machine






A. Present the issue or controversy

What is the issue you are researching? State the different sides of the controversy. Give background information (this section can be taken from paper #1)

B. State the significance of the issue or controversy

Discuss or explain why this is an important issue to both you personally and to society/ the community. Here try to speak in terms of the wider implications of your controversy (i.e. cell regulation is just as much about free choice as it is about safety).

C. State and discuss a working thesis for you research paper

Discuss your position on the issue. Indicate where you stand in the controversy and why.

D. State the procedure by which the question is to be investigated

How do you plan on conducting research? Will you depend only on printed sources? Will you use the Internet? Blogs? Interviews? TV and Radio? What do you hope to find in this investigation?

E. Discuss potential resources (taken from your working bibliography)

In paragraph format, provide a discussion of at least three sources that you think will provide information. Briefly describe each source, what it contains, and how it will support your thesis/claim

F. Working Bibliography Prepare a works cited list on a separate page using MLA style of documentation. You must have at least three sources.



Grading Criteria

40 pts


Statement of Issue

 5 pts


Significance of Issue

 5 pts

c. Working Thesis  5 pts
e. Plan  5 pts
 f. Sources 10 pts
g. Working Works Cited  5 pts


Style, grammar, format

 5 pts

Sample Proposal Paper