ENC 0021 College Prep Writing 3


Instructor: David Merves, professor of Journalism

Office:   Room  7314    Phone: (305) 237-8192



Office hours: To be announced during the first week of class; additional hours by appointment.


Texts: “Writing First,” second edition; “Grassroots”/Enc 0021 lab book, Houghton Mifflin 


Other essentials: Dictionary, notebook paper, journal,  blue/black pens


Course Goal: This is an introductory college prep-writing course. Students will demonstrate skills in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and paragraph development to write unified, coherent essays.


Attendance Policy: Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class period. If you come in late, you will be marked absent. Attendance will be taken starting at the first class session of the term. Departmental policy allows your instructor to drop you after you miss four or more hours of class. If you miss four or more hours of class, you will not be permitted to take the departmental and state exit exam and will need to sign up for the course again.


Reading, Workbook Assignments: Readings and workbook exercises will be assigned for specific class meetings to provide the foundation for in-class lectures, discussion and writing assignments.


Grading: Assignments must be turned in on time to receive a grade. If you miss a classroom writing assignment or fail to turn in an outside assignment on time, you will receive a 0 for that assignment. Attend all classes and turn in all out-of-class writing assignments on time. Please type all outside writing assignments on a word-processor/ computer.


Grading Policy: U  = Unsatisfactory; P = Progress; S = Satisfactory. In order to go on to the next level (Enc 1101), you must receive an “S.” To earn an “S,” you must receive a passing score on the departmental and state exit exam and complete all in-class and out-of-class writing assignments.

In-class writing assignments and exercises will constitute your grade, along with out-of-class assigned essays and instruction, including spelling, punctuation and grammar assignments. Classroom participation and attendance will also figure prominently in your grade.