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    Edward Glenn
   Associate Professor, Senior.
   Department of English
   North Campus
   Phone: 305-237-1637
   E-mail: eglenn@mdc.edu
   Office 7318

My name is Professor Edward Glenn.  You are probably looking at this page because you are registered for one of my courses.  I hope you will find it useful.  As you scroll down, you will find information about my grading policies, textbooks, office schedule, and academic/personal interests.  There are also some useful links at the bottom of the page.  If you have any further questions, please contact me at the above phone number or email address.




ENC 1101 and LIT 2480 (regular and Honors College) will be posted at the beginning of the Fall Term.

If you are registered for one of my courses, you will receive a hard copy of the course policies on the first day of class.

Relationship of coursework to General Education Outcomes:

ENC 1101

LIT 2480



ENC 1101: 

The Longman Reader by Langan (11th Edition)
The Bedford Handbook  by Hacker (Special Miami Dade North 9th Edition with accompanying workbook)


LIT 2480:  

Introduction to Literature by Prof. Edward Glenn (Special LIT 2480 Edition)

Speak: How to Talk to Classmates and Others by Doll

The Bedford Handbook  by Hacker (9th Edition-- You should already own this from ENC 1102)




  Office hours vary by semester.  Please check the schedule posted on my office door.
  Master of Arts in English Linguistics, Florida International University, 1990
Bachelor of Arts in English, Florida International University, 1988
I believe that education is a give and take between instructor and student.  My responsibility is to present information, facilitate thought, and inspire you to work to the best of your abilities.  I will give you lessons, activities, and assignments that help you achieve those goals.

Your responsibility is to be in class for those lessons, participate in those activities, and complete those assignments.  This is not a guarantee that you will pass the class, but it is a guarantee that your grade will truly reflect your best effort in the class.

Click here for a general explanation of how I grade essays.

Click here to see a more complex grading rubric which illustrates the different criteria used in analyzing the different aspects of essay writing.

Plagiarism Information for Faculty and Students
I am deeply concerned with the problem of academic dishonesty in the modern information age.  Therefore, I occasionally give workshops for faculty to help them identify, deal with, and most importantly, prevent students from turning in work that is not their own.  Click here for some information on how teachers can catch plagiarism.


I enjoy hiking, biking, canoeing, bird watching, and other outdoor activities.  I enjoy traveling, especially road trips to historical sites.  I am a Civil War buff, and I like old movies and Classic Rock music. 

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