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General Education Outcomes in ENC 1101

As you may be aware, the College has come up with a list of 10 General Educational Outcomes, a list of skills and knowledge that you, as a Miami Dade College graduate, will be expected to have mastered over the course of your experience here.

Although every class does not help you develop every Outcome, the course, ENC 1101, English Composition I, will help you develop some of them.

1. You will communicate effectively using listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  This Outcome is the main focus of the course, particularly the listening, reading and writing skills aspect.  You will write essays, respond to readings and discussions, and do a variety of other communications based activities including grammar exercises.

2. You will solve problems using critical and creative thinking.  This Outcome will be addressed by your ability to interpret and respond to assigned writing topics and readings.

3. You will formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information.  This Outcome will be addressed by a small research activity at the end of the semester.

4. You will demonstrate knowledge of ethical thinking and its application to issues in society.  This Outcome will be addressed by some of the readings which deal with social and moral issues.  The essay topics will also require you to focus on your opinions and attitudes and explain them.

6. You will demonstrate an appreciation for aesthetics and creative activities.  This Outcome will be addressed by some of the readings.  You will also be free to approach essay topics in a creative fashion.

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