Started at Miami-Dade Community College on March of 1982 at North Campus as an Senior Computer 

Operator at NorthCampus Responsible for operating Paradyne 7620 and IBM, P.C.ís on-line system. Other 

duties included monitoring Microsoft Applications Paradyne DCX-T1 multiplexer, N.C.R.Comten 5620 

Telecommunication systems, and back-up systems and reporting any failures. In addition I was the back-up 

person for the Production Controller which entails the loading of jobs into the on-line system and verifying the 

computer output. In 1996 I became Production Controller and was responsible for  Conducting the in-loading of 

jobs into the on-line system and verifing the computer output; returning user student programs and providing 

assistance in trouble-shooting and resolving problems for the users and students. Responsible for operating 

Paradyne 7620 IBM. P.C. on-line system the main-frame computer using OS/MVS and Jes2; Xerox Laser 

printer and monitoring Paradyne DCX-T1 multiplexer and N.C.R. Comten 5620 Telecommunication system 

back-up system and reporting any failures.  Transferred to Kendall Campus in 1998 and started to work for 

Campus Network Services as a Network Technician Coordinator Responsible for supporting Novell 3.12 and 

4.1, Dos and Windows operating systems and Industry Standard word processing, also spreadsheet and 

database software.  Coordinate compatible hardware and peripherals Network Topologies Administrator for  

Netware 3.12 server and the administrator to the network backup system..


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