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Dropping Out of College:  Losing the  Dream


        Here are some paragraphs written by Professor Anouchka Rachelson's EAP 1640 Grammar class. The writing prompt was "Going to college is a dream for many people. Some do the work, graduate, and find good jobs. Other students, however, never finish their university studies. Write a paragraph about what causes students to drop out of college. Use some preposition combinations with adjectives and verbs from the textbook's appendix . "       Scroll down, please.

  What Causes Students To Drop out of College
by Clairmencia Armand 

Students leave college for different reasons. Sometimes students have problems finding money for tuition and books. For example, students have to work so many hours to pay for their books because they are very expensive. Some students cannot qualify for financial aid. That problem affects the students; they say they have to drop out. Another reason is that students think that teachers give them too many assignments.  They have to write long essays, and their teachers treat them as if they were children. As a result, they may not complete their homework, study for a test, or write papers. Finally, students leave college because of emotional problems, such as being away from home for the first time and dealing with new responsibilities and independence. Many students say they miss their families and friends, so they drop out. As you can see, students leave college for varied reasons.   .     


 by Laura Vanegas

All students should attend college and get an education. However, there are students who drop out of college or just do not go to college because of the following reasons. One of the main reasons is money. Not all students can afford to go to college. Most of them have to find a job to pay for the credits. Moreover, being a working student is not easy and adds difficulties. First, they have less time to dedicate to their studies, so their grades go down. They start to feel disappointed, and finally they drop out of college. Second, they get used to working and start to be more concerned about money than about preparing for their future career. Another important reason why students do not attend college is because they become parents. This is a real issue. Lots of young boys and girls cannot go to college because they have to take care of a little baby. They have to work, to support, and to raise their baby, so they do not have the time or energy to study. There are other reasons like drugs and the fact that some young people just do not like to study. These types of students do not care about starting a professional life. Therefore, they never finish their studies. In conclusion, there are many reasons why young people do not continue their studies, and the best way to avoid this problem is to encourage students to keep studying by proving to them all the benefits of being a professional.


Why Do Students Drop Out of College?
by Magaly Azcuy

          Have you ever thought about how many students cannot graduate from college every year? Many students look forward to study a career. However, other students leave college. Why do so many students leave? There are several reasons. One of the most common reasons is the students have many academic deficiencies from high school. In other words, they are poorly prepared to face the college classes. Consequently, they fail the admissions test that is required or they start in lower courses. Another reason is lack of proper study habits, which have their roots in high school. In college, there are lots of required assignments to do at the laboratory, so if they don’t have excellent study habits, it is so hard for them to accomplish their homework. The last reason is financial. Many students don’t apply for financial aid, and their family cannot afford the high cost of the classes.  All in all, we can see that there are many points why students drop out of college.     



Reasons Why Students Drop Out of College
by Maria Belen Rojas and Lizandra Maria Sanchez 

            Students drop out of college for several reasons. First of all, they have time problems. For example, in some colleges there are no flexible schedules for the classes that some students want. Another thing is that the choice of classes available on weekends is very poor, and this is an important reason why students have to drop. Second, money is a necessary factor, but is also a big problem for these students. Students who do not save enough money for college are not able to pay for their classes, books, or everything they need for studying. Colleges and universities are very expensive, but they also offer help to students with no money at all. For instance, students can count on financial aid, or loans, but not all of them can apply for these kinds of help. Finally, students consider their work a priority. They work too many hours per week and also on weekends when they are told to work. For example, a regular job in the U.S.A consists of eight hours starting in the morning and finishing in the late afternoon. Some students have family they need to take care of, so when they get back from work they have to do their duties and chores at home. To sum up, students encounter many obstacles that make them drop out of college.



Why Do Students Drop Out of College?
by Maria Carvajal and Leximar Rodriguez 

Students drop out of school for complex reasons.  On the surface, students seem to drop
out because of poor grades or the need to work.  Lack of money to pursue college, vocational or
technical training are some of the main reasons why most students are forced to work after high
school or to attend college on a part-time basis.  In reality, students often leave because they have
not received enough help from home, school or the community from someone who can set higher
standards and help them to achieve more in life.  Another reason students may drop out of school is
related to their educational experiences in school, either past or present events. Moreover, some
students believe a college degree is not a factor in achieving success and think it is more important
to stay focused on getting promoted and earning more money.  Regardless of the reason, more and
more students either drop out or avoid enrolling, and this pattern will continue due to fee increases
and reductions to class seating. There are no quick fixes or time interventions for this problem and
the consequences can be huge; however, there are many concrete things that colleges and
support groups can do to help students stay in school or get an alternative education and also
meet their personal responsibilities.  Some students arrange for themselves to work in the
school they are attending, which lowers tuition costs and helps them with their personal
financial situation.  Also, students can benefit from asking questions during class, meeting with the
teacher or getting with a study group to better understand and build encouragement to continue
school.  Working with peers, counselors, professors and school administrators can help motivate
students to remain in school.



     What causes students to drop out of college?
by Quing Cheng

There are three reasons that students drop out of college. First of all, the students don’t have money to keep on studying. They must go to work to earn money to support themselves, and they have no time to continue studying, so they have to drop out of college. In addition, the tuition is expensive, and they can’t afford to pay it. The second reason is that students get pregnant and need to take care of their baby. For example, my friend got pregnant and then had a baby. She was very busy. She took care of her baby all day and all night, which left her no time to study. Therefore, she dropped out of college. The third reason is that some students have to  go back to their countries. For instance, my friend studied at FIU for two years. Nevertheless, she can’t continue living in the United States because the boss didn’t extend her husband’s contract. She had to go back to her country with her husband, so she dropped out of college. In conclusion, going to college is everyone’s dream, but sometimes we have to drop out of college under some circumstances.



Why Do Students Drop Out of College?
by Diego Lopez

       Many students dream about graduating from college; however, some of them are not able to do it. There are many reasons why students drop out of college, and one of them could be because of their financial problems. In some cases parents cannot afford to pay the education of their children in college. Therefore, parents might send them to study any short career, or they just make them find a job. Another reason why students drop out of college is because they become parents. If young women get pregnant, sooner or later they have to quit college. Moreover, they will have to take care of their babies for the first years. On the other hand, the fathers will have to find a job, if they do not have one. In some cases the young men will have to find a full-time job. Consequently, they will quit studying too. The most common reason why students drop out of college is because they do not like studying. Students who are always late for class, who never pay attention, and who get low grades, might fail the courses. Therefore, these students are punished by their parents, and they only have to drop out of college and get a job. I believe that student have the right to choose whether they want to continue studying or they want to work. However, if they choose to continue their studies, they must do well and try to graduate. Students can study if they want to, and if they want to get a part-time job they can do it, but they must realize their priorities.



What Causes Students to Drop Out of College?
by Yusleidi Trimino and Yelenis Seijo 

      There are several reasons why people drop out of college. One of them is when people have a full-time job. Although they want to succeed in their lives and become professionals, they have to work in order to support themselves. Working eight or more hours a day does not allow a person to have much time to go to college. It is very important while being in college, to study every day and to do the homework because that is the only way to learn and pass the tests. Another reason is when students decide on getting married and having children. By the time they begin living by themselves and having to pay several bills including the rent, the car, the phone, the electricity etc, they have no money left to pay the college. Some continue studying for the next few months, but then they have to quit because now they are involved in new responsibilities. They become in charge of their families, which depend on them. For women it is even more difficult because they are the ones that take care of the children. Sometimes, they do not have time to dedicate to their studies because they have to raise their children. In addition, some students need financial aid in order to study, and it is not given to everybody, so they cannot continue in college. In conclusion, there are a number of facts that prevent people from finishing their university studies, and that is why they have to drop out of school.