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     Meet us and the people we've written about - interviews, biographies, autobiographies.

      Maria Cid, brings us a biography of a famous Cuban writer. She comes from Professor Stefani Schinoff's  EAP 1241 Writing II class.

A Famous Cuban Writer

     Jose Julian Marti was a famous Cuban writer.  He was born on January 28, 1853.  He wrote poetry, poems, essays, and articles.  He was a leader in the Modernist movement in Spanish literature.  He was a deep thinker, and he was devoted to achieving Cuba's independence from the Spanish government.  He wrote stories for children.  This book is known as La Edad de Oro (The Golden Age).  It  was very important to me when I was a child.  Other important poetry collections are Ismaelillo and Simple Verses.  His stories, poems, articles, and essays have been published in different languages.  He lived in exile in the United States in 1894.  Then, he went back to Cuba in 1895.  He died in the war on May 19, 1895 in Dos Rios (Two Rivers).