Ileana Porges-West

"Life is a foreign language; all men mispronounce it."





Ileana Porges West


Department of ESL/Foreign Languages

Hialeah Campus, Room 1415-25

Tel: (305) 237-8783


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EAP1201 Speech Level 2
EAP1401 Speech Level 4

EAP1420  Reading Level 4
EAP1520  Reading Level 5
EAP1620  Reading Level 6
EAP1501 Accent Reduction
EAP 1502 Accent Reduction
ECON 2013 Principles of Economics
GEB 1011 Principles of Business
Final Project
GEB1011 Games
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Link for 1502 Black History Poetry Reading.

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Columbus Day 2006 Miami Herald Article


Working in a multidisciplinary  environment, with students of different backgrounds lends itself to reflective teaching and causes me to reinvent myself everyday.



Link to Rainforest Project Fall 2007

Link to Costa Rica Trip Summer 2007

Link to Wonder of the World Article Summer 2007

Link to 1502 Organic Garden Spring 2006






About The Thief and the Dogs
Written in 1961, The Thief and the Dogs is the story of Said Mahran, a thief recently released from jail and intent on having his vengeance on the people who put him there. The book, set in a post-revolutionary Egypt, shows how resentment, reprisal and destitution can shape and shatter human destiny.



By integrating technology into the Academic ESL Curriculum, students in my classes have used  ePortfolio's in their classes and have developed podcasts.  The Hialeah Reading Group is developing a community of readers in conjunction with the FCLA. For the last 4 years my students have participated in the Big Read sponsored by FCLA.

As a member of the Hialeah Campus Green Team and the Earth Ethics Institute Council I'm motivated to model and teach sustainable living.













Florida InternationalUniversity,
Miami, FL

M.A. Economics
American University,

B.A. Anthropology 

Vassar College, (click to see article)

Poughkeepsie, N.Y.








I enjoy kayaking, reading, gourmet cooking and foreign films. I have an organic garden at home and enjoy entertaining.

 For the last several years my classes have attended the Miami Dade Book Fair and Film Festivals  as an integral part of class activities.

Participating in the Miami Dragon Boat Race with  a team from MDC in 2004 made me a convert to this sport and I will be competing in the 2008 race.

Miami Dragon Website for more information.