Professor Javier Dueñas
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College Prep Reading & Writing Department


Description: H:\TEACHING\WEB\Faculty_Webpage\jduenas\images\clock.gifENC0015 - LESSONS AND EXERCISES

Competency 1:
The student will write paragraphs which include:

a. appropriate topic sentences
b. sufficient supporting details
c. unified and coherent ideas
d. concluding sentences

Competency 2:
The student will write various types of sentences:

a. simple sentences
b. compound sentences
c. complex sentences

Competency 3:
The student will recognize and correct common errors in:

a. noun forms
b. pronoun usage
c. verb forms and tenses
d. subject-verb agreement
e. adjective and adverb modification
f. commonly confused words
g. punctuation
h. capitalization
i. fragments
j. run-ons (comma splices and fused sentences)

Competency 4:
The student will edit and revise paragraphs.











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