Remember how to find the subject of a sentence?

Every sentence (except for imperative sentences) must have a subject and a verb. The subject of a sentence is the one that does the action of the verb. 


Subjects:  Formula to find the subject of a sentence, first find the verb and ask this question:

Who/What + Verb? 
The one-word answer to that question will give you the subject of the sentence.  Remember that the subject will NOT be in a prepositional phrase.






I sent the letter. 

Who + sent? 

answer = "I"

"I" = subject

The soup tastes good.

What + tastes?

answer = "the soup"

"the soup" = subject

Most of it is gone.

What + is gone?

answer = "most"

"most" = subject




 In this lesson, you will learn that some verbs (transitive verbs) MUST have direct objects. If a sentence is missing a needed element, such as a subject, verb or object, that sentence is called a FRAGMENT.  Look at these examples of fragments and independent clauses.  Do you hear the difference in meaning?   Which is easier to understand?

At the beginning of the presentation.
When you go to the store.

Independent Clauses (complete sentences): 
At the beginning of the presentation, the moderator introduced the speaker
After you go to the store, I will begin dinner.


These examples of fragments show you what is missing that makes the sentence incorrect.  


Is not a very good idea. (no subject)
Jenny did not send. (no direct object)
The tall man carrying the leather briefcase. (no verb)

Here are the corrections.

Independent Clause: 

It is not a very good idea.
Jenny did not send the package.
The tall man carrying the leather briefcase was hired for the position.

Now let's see if you have the idea.


Exercise 1

Instructions:  Underline the fragments in this paragraph.  Correct each fragment.  (When you finish, check your answers in Appendix 2 "La Llorona".) 


La Llorona (The Crying Woman)
by Maria Suyama

    "La Llorona."  Is a folk story which has many versions.  Is about a woman who cries all the time.  The first version of the story is.  There was a woman who killed her two children and herself.  Because she was jealous of her husband.  In addition, people say that her soul.  It attracts men and then kills them.  For instance, many widow women have said that their husbands died because.  The other version is that when she lost her child.  She died of sadness.  Many women said that when their children were born.  They heard a woman crying.  In the evenings, say that she is looking for her baby.  Others say that when a baby dies after he/she is born.  It is because "La Llorona" came for him/her.  Venezuelans believe in this story, and most families have the tradition of telling their children this kind of folk stories.