Competencies for Writing Level 6

Competency 1

The student will  recognize  and produce the type   of essay  each   writing   task   requires   (including   some   discipline- specific   writing   tasks   as   well   as   traditional   English composition   assignments).

Competency 2

The   student   will   exhibit   increased   fluency   in   writing   and will   plan and   develop multi-paragraph   essays   (with   some including   analysis,   synthesis,   evaluation,   etc.)   using   a  variety   of   sentence   structures   and   vocabulary,   exhibiting clarity,   coherence   and   substance,   and   the   application of Standard   English conventions   appropriate to   the   level.

Competency 3

The   student   will   proofread   and   edit   written   work  attending   to   grammar,   mechanics,   clarity,   coherence, substance,   audience,   and   purpose,   etc.

Competency 4

The   student   will   gather   information   and   integrate   sources in   written   work   where   appropriate.

Competency 5

The   student   will   execute   other   academic   writing   tasks including:   essay   responses   to   test   questions   calling   for higher-order   thinking   skills,   written   responses   to   reading selections,   summaries,   reaction   papers   (reflection   of personal   experiences   as   they   relate   to   academic   topics),  and   e-mail.