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    Mathematics Department
  LaVonne Love-Dube, PMP
Assistant Professor
Mathematics Department
Phone: 305-237-3699


Wolfson Campus
300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33132
Office:  Building #1, Room 1546


Master’s Certificate in Project Management, ESI/ George Washington University, 2000
M.S. Statistics/Educational Psychology, Purdue University, 1978
B.S. Math Education, Louisiana State University, 1975

  PMP (Project Management Professional), certified Project Manager, PMI
STA 2023 - Statistical Methods
  • You must be on time for all quizzes & exams.
  • No makeup quizzes/exams!!!
  • Homework / Attendance will count for approximately 25% (Coming late to class or leaving a cell phone / beeper on will be counted as negative participation). Tardiness is less acceptable than you think
  • Students are responsible for all material covered in class syllabus. All  topics listed on the class outline / syllabus  are very important.  Make sure that I have explained every topic / concept listed before each quiz. If you have to miss class, have a backup plan. Get phone numbers of fellow classmates. Cover each other; compare notes and study together.
  • If our bookstore runs out of the assigned textbook, do not wait, order via the internet at:
  • Final Examinations cannot be dropped. (Dates will be announced) 
MAT 0024
  • Course Handouts here:




  You will have 4 unit tests during the semester, and a cumulative final exam.  If you miss one test, then your score on the missed test is a zero, and the score of the final will replace the score of the missed test.  There are NO make-ups. The most stringent grade scale that will be enforced is as follows:     

 90% - 100%          A 
 80% - 89%            B
 70% - 79%            C
 60% - 69%            D
 Below 60%            F

     FINAL GRADE DETERMINATION STA 2023, non-honors classes
  • Homework and attendance      210 possible points total
  • Four Quizzes                         100 possible points total
  • Four Unit tests                      400 possible points total
  • Final Examination                  200 possible points total
  • Total possible points             910

    A         819-910  points
    B         728-818  points
    C         637-727  points
    D         546-636  points
    F             0-545  points
Office Hours:
  • MW         8:30 am - 11:00 am; 2:25pm - 2:55pm
  • W            11:00 am - 12:00pm
  • TR          1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

   The instructor can facilitate the learning process.  The student is ultimately responsible for the results of their learning.
  • I love my puppy and my horse. 

  • Probably because I grew up there, I love New Orleans......the food, the culture, the people.

  • When my husband was alive, we were both into rock climbing, travel, reading mystery stories and watching action videos.