Professor Lucia Obregon
    School of Education - Early Childhood Education
Professor: Lucia Obregon

Early Childhood Education
Phone: 305-237-2452

Kendall Campus
11011 SW 104th Street
Miami, FL 33176

EEC2202  Program Development in Early Childhood Education
Monday 1:40-5:40 pm
Tuesday 7:55-8:25 am  12:40-1:30 pm  4:20-5:40 pm
Thursday 7:55-8:25 am  12:40-3:30 pm

1993   Loyola University – Chicago, Illinois

          Erikson Institute Graduate Program

          Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

1977   Université Vincennes. Paris, France.

          Graduate Courses - Science of Education 

1976   Universidad Pedagógica Nacional. Bogota, Colombia

          Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education


If a teacher creates an atmosphere conducive to learning, students will become receptive to any knowledge communicated. Teaching and Learning always occurs in the context of an instructional relationship, and the style of that relationship changes in every classroom setting and with every Teacher and every Student. Each individual has a different learning style, some learn thru visual stimulation, others are auditory, and still others take in information kinesthetically.

An effective teacher uses different teaching methods to reach all students; power point presentations, lectures, group work, hands-on experiences, and direct student dialogue.

According to Lev Vygotsky’s “Sociocultural Theory”, learning is active and constructed. The teacher engages the students not only to impart skills but to also give the learner both a context and the cultural values of that skill. In other words, for learning to take place it needs to be relevant to the student’s experiences.

Howard Gardner, another theorist, reminds us that learning is process that involves the individual as a whole.  His “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”, gave educators the tools to reach each student through their own unique strengths thereby helping them develop those areas that are more challenging.

Teaching for me is as much an avocation as it is a vocation, and sometimes, as a teacher, I know that I must reach a student in ways that are less obvious to the casual observer. I am acutely aware that we are role models and that sometimes it’s not what we say, but rather who we are that makes the difference in a student’s life. Sometimes we just need to show support to our students and believe in them and their abilities to enable them to overcome obstacles in their learning process.

There is a old Chinese saying: “When the student is ready the Master will appear.”  I believe that if they are sitting in my classroom they are ready; it’s my job to engage them.

    Professor Obregon is also an active member of the South Florida community, participating as a Board member with both Larkin Community Hospital and at the Florida Film Institute. She is also the Past Vice-President and Founding Member of the Colombian-American Democratic Council of Miami-Dade County and Past President of C.A.R.A. (Community to Assist in the Resettlement of Asylees, Inc.) A tireless volunteer at Habitat for Humanity and at the Kiwanis Clinic, she is also an active member of Amnesty International.
I enjoy reading, table games, and long walks on the beach. I also enjoy a good Sudoku puzzle.