4 and 5 paragraph essays



Student sample #1 (5 paragraph essay outline)



THESIS:  I always want a person from my family that helps me when I have to make a decision. My first thought is for my Mother because she is the person who I admire the most.


POD: I admire her because she is intelligent, responsible and patient.


BODY # 1

TOPIC SENTENCE #1: Intelligent


DETAIL # 1: She learns things quickly.

EXAMPLE: She finished High School when she was fifteen years old.

EXAMPLE: She has a good ability to analyze and solving problems.


DETAIL #2: She has excellence communication skills.

EXAMPLE: She enjoys talking in public.

EXAMPLE: She expresses her thoughts clearly.


DETAIL #3: She is enthusiastic.

EXAMPLE: She likes to learn new things and skills.

EXAMPLE: She takes a problem as a challenge.


BODY # 2

TOPIC SENTENCE # 2: Responsible.


DETAIL # 1: At home

EXAMPLE: She taught me that I have to do my homework every day.

EXAMPLE: She take care me and my sisters when we were sick.


DETAIL # 2: At work

EXAMPLE: She always arrived on time.

EXAMPLE: She accomplish with her task and responsibilities.


DETAIL # 3: She is responsible with her friends.

EXAMPLE: If a friend asks her for a favor she never said no.

EXAMPLE: She gave a good advice to her friends.





DETAIL # 1: She likes to help other people. 

EXAMPLE: She goes to hospitals as a volunteer.

EXAMPLE: She enjoys teaching kids.


DETAIL # 2: At work


EXAMPLE: She helps her co-workers on their needs.

EXAMPLE: At her office she pays attention of details.


 DETAIL # 3: At home

 EXAMPLE: She enjoy organize the house.

 EXAMPLE: She likes work as a team player.





Student sample #2 (4 paragraph essay outline)


THESIS: I dislike my cousin Maria Hernandez.
POD: Maria is nasty and a liar.
DETAIL#1: School
EXAMPLE: Maria burps in front of the teacher.
EXAMPLE: Maria farts during class in front of her friends.
DETAIL#2: Home
EXAMPLE: When Mariaís mother tells her to take a shower she tells her no tomorrow.
EXAMPLE: When Maria and her family eat dinner she eats with her mouth open.
DETAIL#3: Work
EXAMPLE: Maria scratches her arm pits, and smells her hands afterwards in front of the clients.
EXAMPLE: Maria told the manager if she had any green booger showing outside from her nose.


DETAIL#1: Church
EXAMPLE: Maria confesses her sins to the priest, and she lies to him.
EXAMPLE: Maria is talking in her cell phone during the mass, and she tells me that she was praying to God when she didnít.
DETAIL#2: Parties
EXAMPLE: Maria tells her friend that she brought her a gift, and she shows up with no gift.
EXAMPLE: Maria tells everyone that she is a professional dancer, and she doesnít know how to dance.
DETAIL#3: Beach
EXAMPLE: Maria brought an ice cream at the beach, and she went back to tell the ice cream man that her ice cream had an ant that if she can get another ice cream for free.
EXAMPLE: Maria told everyone that she lost her money, and it wasnít true her money was inside her purse.

: Maria is a person that I will always dislike, because she is nasty and a liar.