1. Choose one artist.  Select an artist whose work you enjoy and relate to in some way.  Bring printed copies of selected art to class.

  2. Gather background information on the artist. 

  3. Remember to site your source in a -Work Cited- page.  Use Citation Machine or any of the other sources available to you on this website.

  4. Review the artist's work and select 3 pieces to analyze and discuss in your essay.   Attach color copies of the pieces in your typed essay. 

  5. Type the essay, 12 font, double space, justify (full block) and add the color photos of the art work.

  6. You must use present tense active verbs when describing the art.

  7. You may use the links I have provided below or you may use your own resources. 

    1. Analysis of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night

    2. Famous Artists Gallery

    3. Analysis of Leonardo Da Vinci's  Mona Lisa

    4. Art Cyclopedia

    5. A Painting a Day

    6. John Miranda Photos
    7. An Artistic Blog
    8. Anna Sellers Art and Thoughts

    9. A Painting a Day

    10. Reflections Magazine March 2007

    11. Reflections Magazine February 2007

    12. Reflections Magazine December 2006

  8. The following sample essays (written by my former students and willingly submitted to me to be used solely as samples) CANNOT BE COPIED OR REPLICATED IN ANY WAY.  Please note that plagiarism is a serious legal offense.

  1. Edvard Munch by Amy Gonzalez
  2. Stella Im Hultberg by Samantha Castellanos
  3. Leonardo da Vinci by David Bowen
  4. George Rodez by Maria Isabella Rodriguez
  5. Norman Rockwell by Yakerin Garcia
  6. Amy Brown by Katie Burns


Created by Professor Marlene Cueto