Introduction to Psychology
  Course Syllabus
PSY Chapter 1 Introduction and Research Methods
PSY Chapter 2   Psychobiology
PSY Chapter 5 Learning                                                                              Toilet Train Your Cat
PSY Chapter 11 Personality
PSY Chapter 14 Psychological Disorders
PSY Chapter 12 Social Psychology                                                              Milgram Experiment
PSY Chapter 10 Gender and Sexuality
  Research Paper Ideas

PSY 2012 Current Course Schedule

*Please note that this course schedule is a working schedule and the student is expected to refer to schedule as often as possible for updates and changes*

Course Date

Course Topic



Introduction & Chapter 1

Review Course Syllabus


Chapters 1 & 2



CHAPTER 2 1st Mini-Assessment due


Chapters 2 & 5



Chapters 2 & 5

Exam #1 (Chaps 1, 2, & 5)


Chapters  11 & 14




Holiday/No Class


 Chapters 11 & 14

Article Summary Due


 Chapter 11 & 14

Exam #2 (Chaps 11 & 14)


Chapters 10 & 12



Chapters 10 & 12



Chapters    10 & 12

Exam #3(Chaps 10&12)



***Important Note: Exam #3 will be available until midnight tonight (7/23/07. You will only be allowed 60 minutes to complete the exam, although the exam will not stop you will be penalized for going over the 60 minute time limit. Good luck and you may follow the instructions below to complete the exam.****

In order to satisfy your Exam #3 requirement, you have been assigned an online exam to be completed in a timely fashion. Follow all steps outlined for you, to complete the exam. Make sure to BE CAREFUL AND BE MINDFUL!!!

 Step #1: Go to the site:

Step #2: Select appropriate Course and Test and then click NEXT

Step #3: Locate YOUR name (click on it) THEN enter student password which is brain

Step #4: Begin your test.

  • Make sure you answer ALL of your test questions (Fill in one bubble for each question)
  • Take your time and read all test questions completely
  • Look over your test once you have completed it to make sure you have the correct questions

Step #5:  Once your are COMPLETELY SURE hit the submit button

  • You will be asked once more if YOU ARE SURE you want to submit your test questions, if you are sure hit yes and your results will appear at the bottom of the page and then they will be sent to me.
  • I will also be sent a profile of how many times you attempted to take the test, how long it took you to take it, etc…
  • I will only accept the first exam you submit so I suggest you put forth your best effort


Information on

You all may submit your research paper on immediately. All you have to do is the following:
  1. Go to the webpage
  2. If you are logging in for the first time you need to set up a user profile, so click on New Users
  3. Follow the steps as a student (You only have to do this once, every subsequent login you will use the login you create)
  4. You will be asked to enter in the Class ID: 1920275 and Password: brain
  5. You should now be able to submit your work

**Make sure that your originality report is less than 10% for the final submittal

**Late assignments will be HEAVILY PENALIZED!!!

**After you submit your assignment a second time, it may take 12 to 24 hours to provide you with another originality report so keep this in mind when you are submitting your work



Understanding Brain Structures-The Human Brain Map
How to understand Statistics--Article Telling the Truth about Lies and Statistics
It will make your brain hurt Optical Illusions--Cough
Optical Illusions-Vision Optical Illusions--Commercial
More Optical Illusions  


best optical illusion picture

This is a fun optical illusion picture to look at because it constantly plays with your mind. What I like best about this picture is the artist didn't simply paint a picture of an optical illusion, but it is quite an interesting picture in and of itself! If you notice, you'll see that the person on the left is trying to fix the wall which has crumbled with time. They also seem to be painting the columns on the right. This is one of the best optical illusion art examples.


Helpful Psychology Tools 

Name that Disorder Game Psychology Crossword Puzzle (Psychopathology)
Psychology Dictionary Psychotherapy Facts