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Accent Reduction
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General Sites American English Pronunciation Practice (Interesting Things for ESL Students)
English Pronunciation and Listening (Okanagan University College)
Pronunciation (English Corner)
Sounds of English
Phonetics: The Sounds of American English (The University of Iowa)
  Authentic American Pronunciation (Eve Easton)
Consonants The Voiced "th" Sound (ex. these) (American English Pronunciation Practice)
  The Voiceless "th" Sound (ex. thick) (American English Pronunciation Practice)
  thy vs. thigh (Sounds of English)
  S, SH and CH (Okanagan University College)
  pleasure vs. pledger (Okanagan University College)
  ship vs. measure (Sounds of English)
  chip vs. jet (Sounds of English)
  /r/ vs. /l/ (Sounds of English)
Vowels /i/ vs. /I/ (hit vs. heat) (Sounds of English)
  /i/ vs. /I/ (eat vs. it) (Interesting Things for ESL Students)
  /ε/ vs. /ey/ (met vs. made) (Sounds of English)
  /ey/ vs. /ae/ (made vs. mad) (Interesting Things for ESL Students)
  /ε/ vs. /ae/ (said vs. sad) (Interesting Things for ESL Students)
  /ey/ vs. /ε/ (late vs. let) (Interesting Things for ESL Students)
  /ε/ vs. /ae/ (bet vs. bat) (Okanagan University College)
  /a/ vs. /ae/ (hot vs. hat) (Interesting Things for ESL Students)
  /a/ vs. /^/ (not vs. nut) (Interesting Things for ESL Students)
Word Stress Word Stress (Sounds of English)
  Numbers (American English Pronunciation Practice)
Stressed & Reduced Reduced Forms (Karen's Linguistic Issues)
Words Sentence Rhythm (Okanagan University College)
  Emily's Pronunciation Class
Graded Recordings How to Use Sony Soloist to Record Your Voice
First Graded Vowels Script A
Recording (Vowels) Vowels Script B
  Word Stress
Second Graded Vowel Script A
Recording (Vowels) Vowel Script B
  Word Stress
Final Exam Vowels Vowels on the Accent Reduction 2 Final Exam
In-Class Activities Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen (You Tube)
  She's Leaving Home (You Tube)
Extra Credit Opportunity Miami Book Fair International (website)
  Student Volunteer Documentation