Wolfson Campus
Great Listening Links
Department of ESL and Foreign Languages
English Language Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Instructional Sites ELLO (English Listening Library Online)
  ESL Pod
English Central (watch videos, learn and practice vocabulary and even record your voice for pronunciation practice)
Word Power
News Sites Voice of America (Click on the "Learning English" tab.)
  CRIEnglish (English news site based out of China)
  WLRN (local talk radio and news)
  National Public Radio (NPR) (talk shows, news programs, game shows, etc.)
True Stories Told by Radio Diaries (Listen as Americans tell stories about their lives.)
Real People Story Corps (Listen as Americans tell stories about their lives.)
Storytelling Site Storyline Online (listen and read along as actors read children's stories)
Apps Hello Hello