Wolfson Campus
Speech 4
Department of ESL and Foreign Languages
Textbook Audio Files NorthStar 3 Listening and Speaking Audio Files
Password: F253EFE302
Are you a new student? If so, here's a video that can help you learn how to access the NorthStar audio files online.
Speech Lab Video Watch the video for information about the Speech Lab
Pronunciation Help The Sounds of American English (The University of Iowa)
Required Participation National Park Service (U.S. Department of the Interior)
Assignments Email Scams (On Guard Online)
Aesop's Fables (University of Massachusetts)
Graded Recordings Recording: Webster (Pronouncing -S and -ED Endings)
Script: Webster
Handout: How to Use Sony Soloist to Record Your Voice
Class Resources Virgin Galactic
Idioms - Definitions and Examples (Ch. 4 Graded Participation Assignment)
  The Death Penalty Worldwide (InfoPlease)
  Amnesty International (International Death Penalty)
  Never Been to Spain (YouTube)
  Germany vs. U.S. (YouTube)
  Census Fraud (YouTube)
  Map of the U.S.
  Map of the World
  Ad: Greatness
  Ad: TelCel
  The Ellen Show (YouTube)
Fraud Presentation Looks Too Good To Be True
  OnlineOnGuard (Federal Trade Commission)
Final Exam StoryCorps
Extra Listening Practice ESL Pod
  ELLO (English Listening Library Online)
  Voice of America (Click on the "Learning English" tab.)
  WLRN (local talk and news radio)
  National Public Radio (NPR)
Extra Credit Opportunities Miami Book Fair International (MBFI) website
  MBFI Student Volunteer Documentation
  Miami International Film Festival (MIFF) website
  MIFF Student Volunteer Documentation Form
Class Grades Oral Assignments (including final exam) 40%
  Graded Recording 15%
  Listening Quizzes 20%
  Homework Quizzes 5%
  Vocabulary Quizzes 10%
  Participation 10%